Goodbye Televisa: After becoming a woman and almost dying, the actor renounces exclusivity and comes to TV Azteca

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Mexico City.- A beloved actor, host, and comedian, who spent more than 20 years on television but decided give up your exclusive contractappears in the program windowing of Aztec TV after almost die of peritonitis some years ago. Is about Adrian Uribewho appeared alongside Adal Ramones in the broadcast hosted by Pati Chapoy to give details of your tour ‘Chavorrucos’ by USA.

As will be remembered, Uribe revealed that he decided not to sign a contract again with the San Ángel television station after 20 years working on programs such as Humor is… The Comedians, La Hora Pico, La Parody, Programa Hoy Y 100 Mexicans Saidwhere until became a woman in the sketches. Although it was said that he had been fired, he clarified that it was he who had made the decision (although he will soon release a project with Television and Univision called At night but without sleep).

It had been exclusive to Televisa for 20 years, to which I am deeply grateful; They talked to me to renegotiate, and they told me ‘we are going to sign’ and I was the one who made the decision, I said no, “he confessed a few months ago.

Adrián Uribe as ‘El Vítor’

After admitting that he has made several surgeries to stop the passage of time on his face and after being pointed out by users of abuse the scalpelUribe and Adal Ramones appeared in Ajusco because they are in Los Angeles California doing his successful ‘Chavorrucos’ tour of the United States. Exclusively for windowingrevealed if they already had contact with their friend Eugenio Derbez after the accident he suffered and caused him to break a shoulder.

“I think something basic is not to disturb the family, I have not even tried to send a message because it will be lost among thousands,” said Adal, while Adrián added that he did send him a WhatsApp message: “Obviously I did leave him a message on his WhatsApp that at some point he will listen to it but tell our dear Eugenio that he will be one hundred soon”. Both also took advantage of the cameras to wish his colleague a happy 61st birthday, at which point they both began to sing. the mornings in English.

Finally, and with great humor, they boasted that they have several dates left on their tour and Adrián even joked about joining windowing: “Friends of Ventaneando, I’m Adrián Uribe, your new reporter. I’m here with a great celebrity, Mr. Adal Ramones. Adal, they just hired me, I’m going to interview you (…) Yes, Pati, of course, no , you’re not telling me anything,” he said, pretending to bring a ‘pea’. Adal not only sent greetings to Pati but also commented that they will be in several cities such as New York, El Paso, Atlanta, Phoenix, among others, with their tour.

Finally, drivers of windowing They celebrated that both give an interview to their program when the two at the time belonged to Televisa for decades, since a while ago this would have been impossible because they had an exclusive contract. Finally, they could not help but laugh when they noticed that Adal was allegedly wearing a toupee, although it was Daniel Bisogno who clarified that it would actually be a hair prosthesis, although the driver needs to confirm or deny it.

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Goodbye Televisa: After becoming a woman and almost dying, the actor renounces exclusivity and comes to TV Azteca