“Half black”, Caterina Guzzanti: «My Elisa is dizzy but she solves everything» | TV Smiles and Songs

“And I, who wanted so much to be a dramatic actress … but nothing, they never offer me a role like this”

Barbara Mosconi
May 9, 2022 at 08:35

Elisa Cori is the head of the Scientific in the Raiuno series “Half black” where Claudio Amendola heads a Roman police station. Elisa arrives from Brescia with a wild air, wide-eyed, absent-minded behavior and a bag full of junk that she shuffles nonstop. But when this apparently rambling woman shows up at the crime scene, she proceeds meticulously and tirelessly, and she doesn’t miss a report. There is to interpret it Caterina Guzzantiactress, comedian, always the face of sketch and creator of funny characters on television and in the cinema.

Didn’t she say she wanted to be a dramatic actress?
“Yes, but they don’t let me do it! They offer me a character who stumbles, who loses the bullet, who hits an edge, who drops the bag or the glass in his hand … But slowly I will be able to break through this wall of “mono-vision”! ».

Meanwhile, his Elisa is very nice.
«Elisa is a character that I enjoyed playing, she seems so out of this world, she is an optimist but also a meticulous one, she puts herself there with her old-fashioned methods, she uses the ruler, she draws puppets, she doesn’t use the computer. She and she is very stubborn, even in love she does not accept a refusal, she wants to the bitter end to win back Superintendent Bragadin ».

All for love. She says, “It seems that madness is my specialty.”
“Obviously, looking from the outside, everything she does is madness, and instead she goes on, she has a very Zen approach.”

Have you ever been “crazy” for love?
“Well, I’ve been very persistent and in some cases I’ve been right. Let’s say that after a certain age you put pride aside and focus on clarity rather than on the surprise effect or the mystery effect: “Will you have understood my gaze?”. After 40, if I’m not sure, I ask directly ”.

The insistence that, in retrospect, are you still ashamed?
“I happened to send out signals and then others, and others still thinking I was not clear until the poor man told me: ‘Do I have to draw you a picture?’ It was one of the most hilarious and embarrassing things in my life. I laughed a lot. Now we are friends”.

And have you ever chased anyone in your job?
«No, I’m really denied, I’m very proud here. Indeed I do not want to feel that I have forced my hand in any way, I walk cautiously and withdrawn, whoever wants me calls me. Perhaps I should strategically reverse the two attitudes ».

He once said that for his characters he always “steals” something from the people he knows.
“For Elisa I was inspired by a friend, by her way of continually being amazed even by things that are not amazing, being always sunny and ready to smile, to be enthusiastic about what you tell her: she looks you in the eye and wants first of all to know how you are ».

It sounds like a parody of the policewoman, but actually turns out to be the right person in the right place.
“It is a frequent dynamic more in comedy than in the detective story, in fact mine is a character a little in the balance, but this season I think the series has taken a less dark turn”.

She is a specialist in parodies: politicians, journalists, misses, spoiled young people … Is there one you loved the most?
“I loved all the characters I made up. I don’t do imitations, it bores me, there are those who are better than me. On request, if needed, I do it. But I usually love the people I meet and who impress me, especially in language. My Miss Italy spoke like the suburban girls of the 90s. Orsetta Orsini was the focus of my childish trend ».

Which category could inspire you today?
«Now, willy-nilly, I have joined the“ mothers vein ”. Having a 7-year-old son, I find myself confronted with the cauldron of motherhood, it is a container that I respect a lot even if they make me laugh a lot. We are one step away from the third world war and there are ten posts in the mothers’ chats on “where do I find the best favors for my princess” ».

“Since nothing makes me laugh, I laugh out of courtesy”: is this phrase yours?
«I said it last year when I did ‘LOL: Who laughs is out’. It was a provocation, of course. Fortunately, I laugh. The fact is that I am spoiled by my family, by my brother Corrado and my sister Sabina, I grew up with “Avanzi” and, having always frequented comedians and other colleagues, I am very trained to understand the joke that is being prepared and is coming ».

So trained that in “LOL” she reached the final …
“There, perhaps, I was also passed out inside so as not to laugh.”

He was a forerunner in the family as his brother Corrado took part this year.
“I was cheering because he did fun things, not because he won. In a way, all three finalists won. At “LOL” the first year we were focused on not laughing rather than throwing ourselves on and I didn’t want to disturb a bit out of shyness. Then, to my amazement, I saw that in front of my son’s school the children were asking me for an autograph, an incredible and terrible thing. TV is a medium that gives you new notoriety and a new audience each time ».

“Half black”, Caterina Guzzanti: «My Elisa is dizzy but she solves everything» | TV Smiles and Songs