Harry Potter: why were these 11 actors replaced in the saga?

When the sagas extend over several years, it is not rare to see certain actors leaving the adventure along the way. Harry Potter is no exception and has seen many cast changes over the years. Find out then the reason why these eleven actors have been replaced.

Richard Harris – Albus Dumbledore

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Iconic character in the universe of JK Rowling, Albus Dumbledore had two different interpreters in the cinema between the beginning and the end of the saga. The Headmaster of Hogwarts was first played by Richard Harris in Harry Potter at the Sorcerer’s Stone and The Chamber of Secrets, then was then camped by Michael Gambon from the third to the last installment. The second thus took on the role of the famous wizard from the Prisoner of Azkaban following the death of Richard Harris. After being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease in August 2002, the Irish comedian died on October 25 of the same year at the age of 72. A very sad event which therefore forced the production to choose a new actor to direct the school of magic.

Richard Bremmer – Lord Voldemort


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If the spectators were first able to get to know Lord Voldemort in the guise of Richard Bremmer, He-whose-we-must-not-pronounce-the-name subsequently changed interpreters. So, after being hidden under Professor Quirrell’s turban in Harry Potter at the Sorcerer’s Stonethe famous black magician returned in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire under the guise of Ralph Fiennes. A cast change that was simply explained by the production’s desire to choose a more famous actor to bring the character to life. Little present in the first part, the terrifying wizard took on a whole new importance from the fourth film after taking human form. Enough to require the arrival of a big Hollywood star to take over the role.

Richard Fish – Bill Weasley


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While he had only made a fleeting appearance in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban through a snapshot of the Weasley family in Egypt, fans were surprised to discover that Bill Weasley no longer looked the same in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. And for good reason, if Richard Fish had posed for the photo in 2004, it was the Irish comedian Domhnall Gleeson who took over the role in 2010. The first had however good hopes of continuing the adventure, but the production preferred to point to an actor with more experience. Richard Fish had actually never filmed before, which logically led the film team to organize a new cast. Domnhall Gleeson, who had previously unsuccessfully auditioned for various roles for The Goblet of Fire, was then spotted thanks to his red hair. Came to visit the film set with his father Brendan Gleeson, who played Alastor Moody, the young man quickly served as a stand-in because of his resemblance to the weasleys, before finally being offered to pass the casting for Bill. Casting, which he then succeeded with flying colors.

Elizabeth Spriggs – The Fat Lady


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Camped by Elizabeth Spriggs in the first two opuses of the saga, The Fat Lady, guardian of the common room of Gryffindor, was replaced by Dawn French for the following parts. The production found, in fact, that the performance of the actress was a little too severe and serious and wanted to give more space to the comedy. So when Christopher Columbus – director of the first two films and co-producer of the third – came across the parody of Harry Potter of Dawn French for Comic Relief, he immediately understood that he had the ideal actress for the role. In The Prisoner of Azkabanthe famous owner of the password has therefore changed its face and tone for more drama and more laughter!

Kathleen Cauley and Jennifer Smith – Lavender Brown


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First played by Kathleen Cauley in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secretsthen by Jennifer Smith in The Prisoner of AzkabanLavender Brown was eventually camped by Jessie Cave from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Controversial due to the difference in skin color of the actresses, this change was nevertheless explained by the fact that the character was extremely secondary in the first installments, then gained importance in the sixth film. So that implied Lavender Brown being put front and center, requiring a speaking role. As a result, the production chose an actress who had already shot a few films and series rather than continuing with an inexperienced young girl.

Danielle Tabor – Angelina Johnson


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Rather behind in the first three parts of the saga, Angelina Johnson was played by actress Danielle Tabor. But, once its role has taken on a little greater scope in The Goblet of Fireand in particular because of her relationship with the Weasley twins, the chaser of the team of Quidditch from Gryffindor was played by Tiana Benjamin. No real reason was given to justify this replacement, but the character having gained lines of dialogue from the fourth opus, one can imagine that the production wanted to play it safe with a more experienced actress. However, the latter occupied an important role in the series Eastenderswhich greatly complicated the shooting of the films Harry Potter and even prevented her from filming in the final installments.

Verne Troyer – Gripsec


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If the whole cast of Harry Potter was of British origin, Verne Troyer, the first interpreter of Gripsec was an exception to the rule. An exception which therefore caused difficulties, the character needing to express himself with an English accent. From then on, the British actor Warwick Davis, who camped him Filius Flitwick, also took care of dubbing his colleague in post-production. However, the role of Gripsec has become much more important in the later films and it then became simpler and more logical to operate with a single actor. On top of that, Verne Troyer found himself in the tabloids in 2008, when a sex tape made with his then girlfriend, Ranae Shrider, leaked on the web. A very bad publicity for the actor, who was therefore no longer so welcome in a saga addressed to a young audience. It is therefore quite natural that Warwick Davis took over the role of the famous Goblin in The Deathly Hallows, parts 1 and 2he who already lent him his voice at the start of the franchise.

Nina Young – The Gray Lady


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Portrayed by Nina Young in Harry Potter at the Sorcerer’s Stone, The Gray Lady has been replaced by Scottish actress Kelly Macdonald in the latest installment of the saga. Until then, the character had remained very secondary and was content to wander the halls like the other ghosts of Hogwarts. It is only in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 that she plays an important, even essential, role in the Battle of Hogwarts, since she helps Harry find his mother’s tiara, which Voldemort turned into a Horcrux. If the production did not give a real reason for this change, it is possible that the choice to take Kelly Macdonald was only motivated by her greater experience compared to that of Nina Young.

Derek Deadman – Tom


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In Harry Potter at the Sorcerer’s Stoneviewers first met Tom at the Leaky Cauldron when Hagrid and Harry went to the Crossroad for the first time. It was then Derek Deadman who held the role, offering a kind and caring character towards his clients. Then, with the arrival of Alfonso Cuarón as director for the third installment, everything changed for this magical little bar. The English comedian was replaced by Jim Tavare and his performance took a radically different turn. Tom thus became a frightening hunchback with sharp teeth, much darker and stranger than his predecessor. Enough to give an even more fantastic aspect to the saga!

Emily Dale – Katie Bell


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Again, no backstage scandals, just a significant change in character development. Having long remained a second-rate student at Hogwarts, Katie Bell finally comes to the fore in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Princewhen she falls victim to the bewitched necklace of Malfoy. This highlighting surely led to the recasting of the actress, who perhaps lacked a bit of experience for these new scenes with dialogues…

Harry Potter: why were these 11 actors replaced in the saga?