Harvest 2022 in Veneto, «Fare Vin» is Nicola Canal’s hit with the cameo of Luca Zaia

As with every harvest, together with the vineyards that are populated and the long lines of wagons loaded with grapes, he arrives with his video parody. Nicola Canal showed up on time for the appointment with «Making Vin», A parody song about the grape harvest with the inevitable cameo of the Governor of the Veneto Luca Zaia.

“Dancing Queen”

For this edition, the sixth now, Canal has chosen an evergreen text «Dancing Queen» by Abba. An idea that, he explains: «she came from Zaia, during a Vinitaly a few years ago. It was him to tell me that he would have liked it if I had done the song about the grape harvest with that of Abba and immediately I had the title “Fare vin”. However, I had to wait a while to make it happen, due to Covid ». The script of the video edited by Canal, in fact, refers to the musical “Mamma Mia” which was focused precisely on the songs of the Swedish pop group and in particular on a choral scene, which between songs and dances door dozens of people from a small village perched on a hill to a pier from which they dive into the sea. A scene that, in “Fare Vin” instead sees a hundred figures in traditional vintage clothes, singing and dancing climbing among the rows of the Unesco Heritage hills to the cry of: «Secie per pleasure».

From all over the northeast

Appearances who for the occasion also came from afar: «Many of the improvised actors are my followers arrived not only from Veneto but also from Cremona – explains Canal-. One thing that makes me very happy. Together with them are my fellow villagers and many winegrowers. Some sing and are out of tune, but I think this is the beauty of my video ». The shots were shot in Farra di Soligo (Treviso), the town of Canal: “For me it was essential to shoot here, because I needed of the support of my family, of my community and of the Pro Loco. It was a busy day and everyone’s support was needed ».

The governor

For the rest, Canal, “influencer mona and important” with over 350 thousand followers (only on Facebook), followed a well-established plot by entrusting the composition of the text to Matteo del Puppo, the winemaker from Pianzano, who became famous with his video parody of Mahmood’s song “Soldi” transformed into “Prosecco” and inserting the cameo of President Zaia: “His presence in the video is now a tradition – he tells us -, and I am very happy that every year he lend itself by accepting the project. So this year I assigned him the role of the pianist who is also in the film ». And like every year, Canal’s parody video also wants to send a message: “I have decided that I can no longer ignore certain important social issues – concludes -, and one of these is certainly the fact that fewer and fewer people want to do jobs like the grape harvest. In the video, at the end when I am alone, I tell with irony what unfortunately happens. Without judging because I am an actor and neither do I do this job. But it is a way to highlight this which is a difficulty in the sector ».

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September 6, 2022 (change September 6, 2022 | 16:59)


Harvest 2022 in Veneto, «Fare Vin» is Nicola Canal’s hit with the cameo of Luca Zaia