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Whereas Catherine Deneuve will be celebrated at the Mostrawhere she will receive an honorary Golden Lion, a look back at one of the defining films of her long and prestigious career, Hotel of the Americasdirected by André Téchiné, also starring Patrick Dewaere, Etienne Chicot and Josiane Balasko.

Hotel of the Americasit is a film of encounters.
The meeting between Catherine Deneuve and André Téchiné, to begin with. Deneuve and Téchiné is one of the most fruitful collaborations in French cinema of the last forty years. From Scene of the crime at My favorite seasonof the Thieves at Farewell to the nightthe actress and the filmmaker have achieved a symbiosis that allows everyone to develop the best of their talent.
Hotel of the Americas, it is also the meeting of two characters. A rather striking encounter. Gilles walks his loneliness in the middle of the night in the deserted streets of Biarritz. He will practically be run over by the car of Hélène, an anesthesiologist at the Biarritz hospital. While he takes the events casually, she is nervous and uneasy. She even admits directly that she is not well, that she is currently feeling bad. A discomfort that has nothing to do with the accident itself, but which is much deeper. Hélène appears as a fragile woman, a loner marked by an old love affair which she cannot manage to mourn.
If Gilles seems to be stronger and more sure of himself, we quickly feel that this is only a facade. He clings to her right away, watching her sleep on a bistro table, almost nagging her to contact him again. He immediately considers himself to be in a relationship with her. In any case, he quickly takes on the look of someone who desperately needs company. That’s why he clings to the only friend he knows, although this one takes advantage of him to get free accommodation and behaves with a complete lack of good manners. Constantly dissatisfied and in need of a change of life, Gilles will therefore place the full weight of his hopes on Hélène’s shoulders.
The two main actors, Catherine Deneuve and Patrick Dewaere, display a rare talent for giving depth and sensitivity to their characters. They draw protagonists haunted by their past or the feeling of a failed life. Téchiné’s staging knows how to play on questions of distance, Gilles seeking to get closer when Hélène wants to establish distances between them. This question highlights the difference in expectations of this relationship: he wants something solid when she thinks she can no longer commit seriously.

Hotel of the Americas is then played around two places that Téchiné marks with a strong symbolic imprint.
On the one hand, we have La Salamandre, a huge property that Hélène inherited and which symbolizes this old love that imprisons her emotionally. We learn that she had a passionate love there with an architect, one of those exclusive loves from which you never really recover.
On the other side, there is the Hôtel de la Gare, of which Gilles is the manager. One of those small family and intimate hotels, but in full renovation. Indeed, the new owners want to modernize it all, to make it an American-style establishment. A dream of change and elsewhere which is also that of Gilles himself.

Hotel of the Americas is a typical Téchiné film, an accurate analysis of feelings, a study of social behaviors such as the filmmaker knows how to do them so well, supported by exceptional performers.

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Hôtel des Amériques, the encounter between Téchiné and Deneuve | LeMagduCine