How do social networks impact the series?

559. This is the number of series that have been released in 2021. The number for 2022 has not yet fallen, but it should pass the 600 mark. And this year more than ever, the series have not only invade our television screens, but they have also invaded our telephone screens.

Latest example that is all the rage on Tiktok. Wednesday Addams’ dance in the series of the same name produced by Netflix and created by Tim Burton. For those who have not seen the already cult scene, we see the actress Jenna Ortega doing a rather original choreography, very robotic with her arms. A gesture inspired by the gothic dances of the 80s according to the actress. This scene has been viewed more than 36 million times on Youtube and inspired tiktokers who reproduce its choreography with music that goes into their heads.

A speeded up version of Lady Gaga’s Bloody Marry. The popstar has been playing with gothic codes for years, in her dance steps or her outfits. A full box on the Chinese platform because the hashtag wednesday dance has more than a billion and a half views. Even Kim Kardashian reproduced this choreography with her daughter. And this trend has strongly contributed to the fact that Wednesday has become a truly global phenomenon. She broke viewing records on the platform.

Totally. They are even the best in this strategy. For example, they created specific accounts for each country on Insta and Twitter. Combined, they list hundreds of millions of followers. This allows them to promote each of their programs according to the countries where they go out. And then when a series is a success, they even give it its own Insta account. For Wednesday, for example, the Wednesday netflix account has more than 3 million subscribers, the same for that of Bridgerton the series of Shonda Rhimes. But the one who hits the hardest is him…

That of Stranger Things obviously with more than 20 million followers. At the same time, it’s THE series par excellence that has invaded all the networks this year with memes, music, parodies, montages… Impossible not to have been spoiled for season 4.

Prime Video has a lot of trouble promoting its content on the networks, it doesn’t work. Even with their event series on the lord of the rings, it struggles to be in trending topic. No, the one that manages to pull out of the game is the American channel HBO. Good already she makes quality series, it helps. On Twitter, for example, in 2022, the Euphoria and House of the Dragon series were hits. Every Monday, the day after the episodes aired, there were thousands of tweets talking about it.

And it’s pretty crazy when you look closely because HBO doesn’t have a Netflix strategy at all. We have more the impression that they are victims of their success on the networks. On their Insta account, for example, the channel publishes almost only the trailers of its upcoming series and the red carpets of its actors. Afterwards, HBO knows full well that its loss leader is its name. These three initials that produced the best series of all time according to critics. The Sopranos, True Detective or Game of Thrones. Their next series The Last of us arrives this weekend. A remake of the video game of the same name. And given the ubiquitous gaming communities on the networks, prepare for it to be everywhere.

How do social networks impact the series?