How strong! They mock Osmel, Liliana and Osmariel

Osmel Sousa and Liliana Rodríguez were mocked in “La casa de los peposos”, an entertainment show in which “Raymond and his friends” parody “The house of celebrities 3«.

“The 2nd season of ‘La Casa De Los peposos’ began and the beauty Czar Chosmel came to conquer the house!” wrote the comedy program on its Instagram account. As it will be remembered, Telemundo produces this hilarious format that it seeks to launch to Univision and, in particular, to the occurrences of the participants in the aforementioned competition show.

Without insulting and much less attacking, the funny video shows the actor and comedian Raymond Arrieta characterizing Osmel even in his tone of speech.

«The light was made. These are my lackeys. Here is dad. He got the style, the cache, the taste, the fashion, the czar of fashion. This is the preview of how I come. Because make no mistake, I come to put order in the house. I am not going to allow those goatherds or bad taste. I’m going to add drama to everything that happens in ‘La casa de los peposos’. I feel like Miss Universe,” says Chosmel.

Likewise, Arrieta remains in the role of presenter but this time in his version of the celebrity entertainer: Héctor Sandarti.

For her part, actress Sara Jarque promises to stand out with her characterization of Laura Pozzo instead of Laura Bozzo.

Others who were not spared from being parodied were the Grupero King imitated by Miguel Morales and the actress Ivonne Orsini by Madison Anderson Berríos. She also stands out as the Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2019 and Mónica Pastrana imitates the actress Patricia Navidad. Lizmarie Quintana, for her part, deals with the occurrences and mischief of the Venezuelan actress Liliana Rodríguez Morillo.

«I bring my swords in my tongue and I will try to control myself. I am a singer, actress, host and from time to time comedian. If you think you understand the artists, I will tell you that you are totally lost because we don’t even understand each other, “said Villana Rodríguez, the daughter of El Puma in her comic version.

What a bad English!

The jokes around the third season of “The House of Famous” also take shape on social networks.

A few days ago the Venezuelan comedian Adrián (Matos) Presents, made fun of Osmariel Villalobos in the show. “I’m stupid,” he wrote next to a video in which he throws her, and not exactly flowers.

In the clip, which he edits with another old video of the ex-miss speaking in English, he seeks to generate laughter from his pronunciation. This after at home, Osmariel argued that she traveled to European lands to learn the language of Shakespeare. She did it in front of several well-known television figures who participate in the reality show. Osmel’s faces in the editing of the clip are laughable.

And he got defense…

«Well, well, I speak with great spirit, with an attitude, very sure of herself. I didn’t understand much but she did her homework,” said the actress. Belen Marrero in the comments of the post.

“WHAT????”, wrote the also actress Carolina Tejero along with several laughing emojis; “You made me spit out the food,” Daniella Navarro said with a laugh. Another who did not hesitate to write was David Comedia “We painted the whole house…” to imply what follows in said sentence with the usual “What is this?”

«My holy mother can not be! I need this audio on Tik tok to play “How not to speak in English” and she contradicts herself because she admits that having been “Miss Earth” opened doors for her. She has 4 flip-flops on each molar that don’t allow her to speak well. I prefer Sofía Vergara’s English”, was another of the comments left by a user.

How strong! They mock Osmel, Liliana and Osmariel