Hudson Hawk, why is it cult?

More than thirty years after its chaotic release in theaters, Hudson Hawk, gentleman and burglar is finally released on Blu-ray, to the delight of Bruce Willis fans. A comedy full of twists and turns that gets better with time. But in fact, why is it cult?

Because its history is preposterous

Forget Arsène Lupin: his title of most elegant thief has been usurped by a certain Bruce Willis for movie purposes Hudson Hawk, gentleman and burglar. An unpredictable comedy with an almost freewheeling script. Moreover, it is an original idea of ​​​​the star of the saga diehard. After serving a ten-year prison sentence, Hudson thinks he’s put his larceny aside. But when he learns that his best friend has been taken hostage, he has no choice but to go back to work to steal… three objects made by Leonardo da Vinci himself.

And as long as you do, in music, since Hudson and his accomplice Tommy synchronize by singing hits of 5 min 32 precisely, such as Swinging on a Star of bing crosby. And if, in addition, gallantry gets involved with a charming character interpreted by Andie MacDowellnothing is going right!

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Because Bruce Willis is even cooler

In 1991, the release date of this improbable film, nothing could be refused to Bruce Willis. He became a star with the series Moonlight and a star after crystal trap, 58 minutes to live and The Bonfire of Vanities. Difficult to make him understand that his HudsonHawk might not be such a good idea after all.

But when Bruce takes over the role, nothing else matters: a little smirk, sunglasses in all circumstances, a galurin that makes him look great, he takes everything in his path. If cool didn’t exist, he would have invented it. He thus walks around his sly and nonchalant character with a casualness that borders on admiration. In the hope, no doubt, of making his burglar a franchise that will never see the light of day.

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Because the film was a failure when it was released

In effect, HudsonHawk is panned by critics and shunned by audiences. It must be said that it disconcerts more than one with its totally cartoonish soundtrack, its screenplay gloubiboulga mixing different conspiracy theories, its parodic side of spy films with wacky gadgets, or its songs hummed in the middle of a stock. The film received three Razzie Awards (worst film, worst director for Michael Lehman and worst-case scenario) and its bleak destiny could have ended there.

It was without counting on the fans of Bruce Willis who regularly extricate the film from limbo where it had been stored, even more today that the actor has announced, forced and forced, to retire. We then plunge back into his filmography with nostalgia, applauding in turn his nanars and his masterpieces, and films like HudsonHawk which we still cannot classify. No doubt for this reason that the latter has become timeless. And therefore essential.

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Hudson Hawk, why is it cult?