«Humor has no limits, although lately it has been restricted»

He was in Palencia two decades ago with ‘Los albañiles’, a music group, and once again he has stopped in the city, but without having time to get to know it. “When I arrive, I want to walk and hit the streets,” says Santi Urrialde, who, along with Josema Yuste, brings the play ‘El spoilsport’ to the Ortega theater on Tuesday.

–What reception are you having so far with ‘El spoilsports’?

-We are very happy because in all the scenarios it has gone very well. Humor always works. And if the humor is with Josema Yuste… It’s a luxury to be able to be on stage with him and witness it.

–Why should Palencians go to see the play?

–Mainly, because they are going to laugh a lot. The play takes place in two hotel rooms, separated by an adjoining door. A serial killer arrives in one room and, in the other, a man who is very depressed because his wife has left him and wants to commit suicide. The two characters interrupt each other with the plan that each one wants to carry out separately. And neither of them manages to carry out the plan.

– What role do you play?

I am the spoilsport. The one who doesn’t let the killer put his plan into motion. Josema Yuste is the murderer, who must kill a witness before he enters the courts.

– What audience is the work addressed to?

–To all audiences. It is a very beautiful white work and in the end each of the two rooms represents good and evil. In the end, one does not know if the one who wins is the evil or the good. The logical thing would be for good to win over evil, but the work confuses the viewer. I think it has a message.

«I always say that the theater was, is and will be. It will never fall. From the beginning of time to its end»

-Having worked before with Josema Yuste, how do the two complement each other?

-I have done several works with him, and the truth is that I have left all of them delighted. Josema has a lot of pull, he’s very funny. When I am with him on stage, I realize that I am in front of a great figure of humor. It is a luxury both for the public and for the colleagues who work with him.

-Speaking of humor, does it have limits?

-I do not think so. But lately she puts limits on her. People don’t like to be joked about certain things, and more and more. They are putting restrictions on it, but I think that censorship in humor should not exist. If I tell you a joke and you don’t like it, then don’t just laugh. There is no reason to criticize it. Maybe one of them didn’t like it, but another might. We work for the entire public.

–Have you had a problem with a joke or joke that you didn’t like?

“No, I’ve been lucky. Although lately there is censorship in humor with all topics. Maybe you tell a joke on deaf television, and the next day they say that the deaf association denounces you, for example. They force you to soften the words, but if you do, the joke loses its grace. And lately the writers of many programs are self-censoring to avoid those problems, as I have observed.

-In addition to being an actor, he is a comedian…

–Yes, I started with a duet called ‘Ceda el Paso’. We did parodies and imitations and we toured Spain for four years. We imitated politicians and well-known characters, almost thirty years ago.

– Do you think that monologues are being the new quarry of the theater?

– Right now the monologue prevails a lot. Many people tend to be monologists, and it is very fashionable. He who is an artist, he is an artist. It doesn’t matter if you do comedy, drama or monologue. If the body asks him what he has to do, the artist responds to it. I am to do many varied things.

– Can social networks also catapult the career of an artist? For example, going viral with a video…

-Well I do not know. Many people like to record themselves and post it on the networks. The truth is that I’m not much of networks.

-Don’t you have any social network?

-None. I like to keep my private life as it should be, private. If they want to see me, they can come to the theater.

–Is the theater always in crisis? Do you have to reinvent yourself?

-I always say that the theater was, is and will be. It will never fall. From the beginning of time to its end. There is a phrase that says: ‘if you are faithful to the theater, the theater will be faithful to you’.

«He who is an artist, is an artist. It doesn’t matter if you do comedy, drama or monologue»

– Has there been much evolution in the theater in recent years? Is the public still the same?

-There are older people who are faithful to the theater and have been going for many years. It also reinvents itself to capture younger people, who are on a different wavelength and have a different way of thinking and seeing life. I think that theater does it, and that it has that ability to continuously reinvent itself makes it more special. In addition, we, the artists, live off the public.

–Does it take to be Concha Velasco or José Sacristán to fill a theater?

-Well, a good promotion and a good play are also involved, you don’t have to be a great. A great one is made by working hard and for many years. Sancho Gracia used to say: ‘We actors will act wherever we are called’. Throughout the life of an actor, you will become more or less known. Some will like you more and others less, but surely you will have your audience and they will go to see you.

-Where do you get the humor?

-Well, I don’t know, it comes out on its own. I have always dedicated myself to it and, luckily, it has worked. If I had to do a drama, I don’t know if I’d be good at it, really. They say that making you cry is easier than making you laugh. It seems the opposite to me.

-Have you never done a dramatic work?


– And would you like to do it?

Yes, from experience, I would love to. To see how it works. With a good director, everything would be fine.

–Which actor or actress would you like to work with and haven’t had the opportunity to do so yet?

-With Sancho Gracia, although unfortunately, it is already impossible.

-Your next projects are…

-At the moment, be with the tour. We will arrive in Madrid in January to do the season until June of next year. And then, God will say. I don’t think about doing projects, because maybe then they go to waste. I prefer to live day to day.

-After having worked in film and television, do you miss it?

-Yes, I especially miss my television companions, or those from one theater or another. But I have no predilection, where they call me, I go.

«Humor has no limits, although lately it has been restricted»