“I am like Darín”: Eduardo Feinmann and Jony Viale still do not agree on the other topic of the moment

This Thursday, in the traditional pass of LN+ between Eduardo Feinmann and Jonathan Vialeboth journalists relaxed about the end of their meeting and talked about the topic (not political or economic) of the moment: the figurines of the Qatar 2022 World Cup and, especially, the crisis that newsstands are experiencing regarding it, due to the scarcity of that company product panini. the driver of +Reality He showed his colleague a video that parodied that situation of the merchant in front of whom he is looking for the figurines and each one took sides, humorously, for the first and second of these characters.

“I want to show you something for the farewell,” Viale said to his colleague. “I get images at this time of the week that the newsstands are having. Bad week, I warn you,” he added. “Because of the figurines -he guessed Feinmann-. Big people, old man, cut it. Big people”.

The jokes of Jony Viale and Eduardo Feinmann for the world cup figures

“Look, look,” he asked. Vialeand then a scene from A Chinese storythe movie in which Ricardo Darin plays an ironmonger who at one point gets tired of a very annoying customer, and drives him out of his business by showering him with insults. Well, in the parody, the client of the hardware store he is not going to ask for things typical of that business but, with a tricked-out voice, he asks for “World Cup figures”.

Then, Darín’s character takes him out of the premises indignantly: “Tomatoes -He tells-. “I’m sick of stupid people like you.” And, as he continues with louder insults, the customer fearfully leaves the business.

Back on the floor, Feinman picked up the glove and referred to what they had just seen: “I look like darin when they talk to me about the figurines, I seem Darin. But he is right,” she assured. “That’s how the newsstands are,” added Viale. “You’re right, big people going to ask for the figurines,” insisted the driver of The LN+ newscastwho added: “How are you going to get like this with the World Cup figures?”

“I am the other, the one who says: ‘It has figurines’”said, between laughs, the driver of +Reality. Next, Viale showed Feinmann the images of a boy who, in a kiosk, becomes very happy and begins to jump and move around when he gets the figurine of LionelMessi.

The prices presented by Panini indicate that the paperback book is $750 and the figurine pack is $150.Market

“That’s how I put myself,” joked Viale. “You too?” he asked. Feinmann. “No, but Romeo (Jony Viale’s son) gets like this.”

“Don’t you make the album on weekends?” Lucas Morando then intervened, with a question for Feinmann. “No, I have more important things to do,” the man replied. The LN+ newscast. “But you like soccer,” Morando added. “But what does soccer have to do with figurines? – Feinmann got angry- I’ve already passed the time of the figurines. You’re a big guy, stop fucking around”.

At the end of the pass, both journalists joked about different figures that parodied national political figures, such as Sergio Massa, Axel Kicillof and Maximo Kirchner.

“I am like Darín”: Eduardo Feinmann and Jony Viale still do not agree on the other topic of the moment