“I don’t feel anything”: Allan Zenck gives forceful statements about the hearing against Carolina Jaume

Allan Zenck spoke about the hearing against Carolina Jaume, after the actress made several statements, including that she fears for her life and that her ex-partner intends to take her son from her. Along with his legal representative, now the other party expressed everything related to the case.

“What I saw is nothing new, it is her daily actions and actions,” Zenck said in an interview for the “De Boca en Boca” cameras.

He also added: “I’m not with my son right now because they don’t allow me.” (…) Regarding the publications on social networks, he said: “They have been on two occasions. Only to deny all the things that the other party exposes and are not true.

They also asked him if he still felt something for Carolina Jaume, regarding sentimentality. The only thing he knew, Allan Zenck replies, was: “I don’t feel anything.”

Víctor Aráuz and David Reinoso do not leave Carolina Jaume

A new controversy involves the Guayaquil presenter and model Caroline James. The former member of the Power of Love rejected the comic video that Victor Arauz and David Reinoso they did about her to invite them to their Michi and Melo show “La Despedida”.

Although in the mentioned video clip the Ecuadorian actors do not make any mention of Jaume’s son, the latter indicated that his black humor has crossed the limits. “But making fun of a legal situation where a mother fights for the custody of her 6-year-old autistic son and a case of domestic violence can not only be hurtful for those involved, directly my minor children,” wrote the former member of In contact.

She indicated that they do not want to be greeted ever again in their lives. “I hope they never go through my pain because I don’t even wish for that”, wrote in one of his stories.


While the comedian and top star of Vivos, David Reyes, limited himself to replicating the story and placing “sorry”, his similar Víctor Aráuz was more direct. For him, Jaume identifies with the fight against gender violence and does nothing but ridicule it.

“Black humor has been part of your daily life (…) the video simply makes a humorous reference to the moment you face the cameras and talk to the media.”

He added that it is unfortunate that he wants to use your son again when they have not even named him. “And if you don’t want to say hello to us, that’s fine, you’re free to say hello to whoever you want.”

“The fight against gender violence is a real fight and with everything you do you ridicule and caricature that fight. A hug and I hope that everything is peace for your life and also for your family “, finished.

Currently Jaume and his ex-partner Allan Zenck are fighting for the custody of their son. While the Guayaquil woman fears for her life, the businessman limited himself to crossing out that “Children cannot be used as weapons, for revenge, extortion and blackmail.”

“I don’t feel anything”: Allan Zenck gives forceful statements about the hearing against Carolina Jaume