“I don’t look funny but people give me a lot of love”

María Foscaldo, “freelance” journalist elevated in a matter of weeks to queen of Tik Tok. A woman from Vilagarcía who lives in Vilagarcía, who in recent months has become super famous with a character, María Virtudes “La Repunante”, created to be disliked and who has achieved the opposite.

How did you come up with the idea of ​​starting Tik Tok with a character like the Disgusting?

The character was born in September, the Tik Tok account already had it, but in September I started making my own content. I made a parody of different educational stages, it went viral and from there I thought what else I can do. And the typical criticizing person occurred to me, that everything is wrong, and that’s where the Disgusting came from. At first she had no name. People asked me what her name is, I made a list of possible names and the one that suits her best is Virtues, as she is, a compendium of virtues.

However, the first, who was a millionaire, was from a teacher in various stages

It had a million hundred views, I never thought about it.

How did you come up with that?

So many years of students in different stages that have touched you… But what turned my light bulb on was with the red pen, green pen, now you can’t correct them with the red pen, which is very aggressive, and the green pen …. I made a parody of different stages, from when they started with the rule to the future that I invented. What happens is that there are people who took that hypothetical future literally.

How is La Repunante similar to you?

In nothing, I am the opposite, I am not protesting, not complaining, to do so I have to be very high. But I think that we all have something repuntant, even if it is in a small proportion. Maybe driving I can be a bit repulsive. To me, the one who does not put on the intermittents, I protest Virtues type. But otherwise nothing to do.

Where do you get the ideas? Because you do the script.
In everyday life situations. Reality inspires you a lot. The other day I did about the obituaries, so ours…. She is looking at the newspaper and is reviewing the obituaries and getting in-depth information about the one that comes out, the son that comes out, the one that doesn’t, if they gave him an obituary, if they didn’t, if flower is allowed, if not. She does a sociological study through the obituaries (she laughs).

Does that character exist or is it lost?

Yes, it exists and I think it is very much ours. Many people write to me in comments and tell me that if I change the Galician accent and put Andalusian on it, it’s my grandmother. She is a very universal character.

I have read that the props are real, the robe and the eye shadow.

Everything, everything. Since you don’t know if you’re going to like the first ones I did of La Repunante, I put on what I had at home, that coat, blue, although it looks black, brand new, I had never found a chance. And little by little, I told myself that it would not always turn out the same. And that robe is mine, from the trousseau. And he hadn’t gotten much use out of it. I told myself, it’s ideal, the dressing gown with its lace that totally hits it. At the moment I have not bought more things, but I still have to increase the wardrobe. The shawl, I have one. The eye shadow, very eighties. Let’s see where I find it when I run out.

Are there any of the videos that you particularly like?

Oh… many, many. The one I liked the most is “getting to know your baby”, criticizing the clothes he’s wearing, I also like the one about “getting to know the daughter-in-law”, talking about his ex-girlfriend (laughs).

Do you write it, do you think?

First I think about some general lines, but it is true that the character comes to life when I get into it. Today (for the day of the interview) that I published one at the bank, many of the phrases that I say occur to me on the fly. It comes to life when I get into character.

Have you considered going beyond Tik Tok and reaching stages, or is it a character for a one-minute video and that’s it?

I am very shy, embarrassed, I have stage fright, I don’t know if I would be able to. And I have a lot of respect for people who have training as an actor or actress, I don’t think I’m qualified for that. The videos are recorded and edited in my house, I have a control, on a stage you are naked. I don’t look particularly funny. It is very difficult to spend two hours in a monologue, hooking the public.

Do you have idea to evolve the character, one minute?

I think the times have to be those. In fact, two minutes is very long for Tik Tok. To evolve it I am expanding the family tree. From time to time I get more relatives and people find it funny. The friend I made up for her, who never goes out, Maruja, many people tell me they want to meet her. But I have doubts if it will be good to remain anonymous.

What do people tell you?

Much love. It is surprising, because he is a character made to be disliked, but he generates a lot of tenderness. I don’t know why, people are fond of him.

And you’re not going to practice journalism again?

I work as a journalist, but freelance, as it comes out, without a stable job, I combine the two things.

Do they know you on the street?

Yes, people stop me, some ask me for a photo. I’m not Jennifer Lopez, but always with love.

Does no one complain that you exaggerate?

No, nothing, I can say that I don’t have haters, knock on wood. It is very personal, logically what is funny to me does not have to be funny to everyone. Someone says that I make fun of the Galicians, poor thing, he hasn’t caught it. In fact, I try to make the humor I do as white as possible, to offend as little as possible, I don’t try to hurt.

Will the Disgusting One have a long life?

I hope so, but we know how social networks are, today you are here and tomorrow you disappear.

“I don’t look funny but people give me a lot of love”