‘Icarus and the minotaur’, co

By Jose Bello Aliaga

Distributed by Cinemarán, the animated film Icarus and the Minotaur, co-written and directed by Carlo Vogele, chosen to represent Luxembourg at the next Oscars® Awards 2022-2023, opens on Friday the 11th.


On the island of Crete, every corner is a playground for Icarus, the son of the great inventor Daedalus. In one of his explorations, next to the palace of Knossos, the boy discovers something strange: a boy with the head of a bull lives locked up under the orders of King Minos. Hiding from his father, Icarus befriends the young minotaur, named Asterion. But fate is going to change things, when Asterion is locked in a labyrinth.

Will Icarus be able to save his friend and change the course of history that the gods have written?

On the island of Crete, under the reign of King Minos, humans worship and fear the gods of Olympus. Only a fool would dare to offend them.

The movie

Icarus and the Minotaur is the new film by director Carlo Vogele (“A furtive tear”, “Sausage”).

Carlo joined Pixar in 2008 and has worked on movies like “Toy Story 3” and “Brave” among others.

This animated film is a Luxembourg-France-Belgium co-production; Iris Films, Iris Group, Iris Productions, Rézo Productions and has been chosen to represent Luxembourg in the next Oscars® Awards 2022-2023.

Carlos Vogele thinks: “I created Icarus as a great adventure film, similar to those that marked the 90s: The Prince of Egypt or The Lion King. The viewer was immersed in an adventure first hand. This did not prevent the humor, which is quite rare nowadays. Pixar’s Brave is almost an outsider. Ever since Shrek in 2001, parody has heavily influenced animated movies, we’re constantly referencing pop culture. But I think that the epic dimension of mythology with fantastic heroes does not need artifice to please. The force of history prevails by itself. However, I did not stick to a strict adaptation, and I like the idea of ​​showing the audience a character they think they know, while taking some liberties.”

“For example, the myth of Icarus consists of two images: the flight and the fall. Everyone waits for him to burn his wings. But we wanted to surprise the public. We found a storyboard solution that cements the link between Icarus and Asterion, which is really at the center of the film. It emerged during the course of drawing. It was a very strong moment for me. What happens between the bird boy and the bull boy, I leave it to the public to discover.

movie trailer

Data sheet

Original English Title: Icare

Original Title: Icare

Spain Commercial Title: Icarus and the Minotaur

Director: Carlo Vogele

Screenplay: Isabelle Andrivet, Carlo Vogele

Producers: Tanguy Dekeyser; Fabrice Delville

Actors: Camille Cottin, Niels Schneider, Féodor Atkine, Wolf Van Cappellen, Igor van Dessel, Maia Baran, Mark Irons, Alexis Flamant, Isabelle Andrive

Year of production: 2022

Country of Origin: Luxembourg

Original language: French Business language Spain: Spanish

Duration: 70 minutes

Genre: Animation

Distributor: Cinemarán

Release date in Spain: November 11, 2022

Jose Bello Aliaga


‘Icarus and the minotaur’, co-written and directed by Carlo Vogele