In November, four premieres in the Valencian Community between the family and adult programming of Sala Russafa

Next November, the XII Cycle of National Companies of Sala Russafa brings to the Valencian billboard two shows. The first is any given day, Spanish version of the hit On An Average Day, written by the American John Kolvenbachwhich was staged in London’s West End with actors Woody Harrelson and Kyle MacLachlan. The group from Rioja El Perro Azul premieres this show in the Valencian Community from November 4 to 6 directed by Javier Galitó-Cava.

The fragility of the human being and his need to be understood is hidden in this thriller, which is built before the public as a puzzle. His text combines humor, drama and the possibility of redemption with the characteristic style of the English playwright, whose works, including this one, have reached countries as diverse as Switzerland, Germany, Australia, Rome or Israel, among others.

An ordinary day is a story of intrigue, of truths coined by memory, in which two intense, innocent and distant characters, brought to life by Ángel Maestre and Fernando Moreno, meet.

The second premiere in the Community of the XII Cycle of National Companies, with which Sala Russafa offers an overview of what’s going on in the scene in other corners of the country, is titled one of the most used words and who knows if less experienced in recent years. Happiness is a comedy in which four people experience a journey. Perhaps as a metaphor for life, the four of them see each other on the way to Lisbon while, in parallel, they are on their way to maturity and ask themselves if they are where they wanted to be professionally and personally.

From November 10 to 13, this comedy premieres in Valencia in which youissues such as love and sexual relationships, motherhood, the need for attention and affection they appear in scenes that recreate situations where any spectator can recognize. Cristina Rojas and Homero Rodríguez sign a generational text, which portrays many of the experiences of Spaniards between 30 and 40 years old. They are also part of the cast along with Javier Márquez and Raquel Mirón. The Andalusian ensemble ‘tenemos gato’ produces this work that has been on tour since 2017 and was finalist in the Max Awards for Best New Author.


a starting place returns to the Valencian billboard. The actress, playwright and director Iria Márqueznarrates in this show themigratory phenomenon that Spain experienced in the sixties, losing almost a million inhabitants in just over a decade. Two of them were the author’s parents, protagonists of this story, installed in Germany in search of a prosperity full of shadows.

Autofiction is the path of researchin this piece by Vivirei Teatro which was part of the Graners de Creació program in 2020-2021. It was conceived in a creative residency at the Ruzafa cultural center, premiered on its stage in May 2021 and obtained the Sala Russafa Audience Award for the Best Valencian Show it’s from the season.

But the professional commitments of its interpreters, Márquez herself and Juan Carlos Garés, made it impossible to turn the piece. So they have been replaced by the actors Héctor Fuster and Lucía Poveda. Alternating sensitive, funny and full of truth moments, his scenes recreate the experiences of so many families of the moment and now, in a reflection on the sense of belonging, autonomy in decision-making and the distances that unite us or separate us from the world. rest.

The second piece of the Cicle de Companyies Valencianes comes from the hand of Seven Collective under the title of Tangana. Its starting point is the kidnapping of C. Tangana by four former classmates from the drama school.. After years without finding fame, they plan to achieve it by force, kidnapping the singer and music producer.

Marian Villaescusa and Siete Colectivo author this free version of the Catalan play Vamos a por Gutti, by Alberto Boronat, in which four real estate workers tried to win a football bet that could change their lives. Now the action moves to the world of theater and the story of its protagonists serves as reflection, taken to the extreme, of the social reality of a large part of cultural workers and, specifically, of the actors of the Valencian scene. In addition, he warns of one of the greatest dangers of achieving the long-awaited jump to the market: when the artist becomes the product.

From November 24 to 27 it can be seen in Sala Russafa this work directed by Villaescusa and performed by Vicente Ausina, Francisco De La Hoz, Alberto Martín De Miguel and Miguel Torrecilla, with live sound setting by Miquel Mateu.


The Baychimo Teatro company from Zamora presents the November 5 and 6 in Sala Russafa a show for public from 6 years, Tales for perverse children.A subversive proposal in which they give one (or two) twists to Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs.

Perrault, the Brothers Grimm and, above all, Disney offered a sweetened version of these popular stories, which oral narration spread throughout the centuries to teach children. But times change and so does the way of addressing children, in the opinion of Baychimo, who has created a work with hand, rod and table puppets. A comedy that breaks the candid image of the women in these stories and the innocent nature of their characters.

Using the poetry to rhyme a text full of grace and black humor, giving unexpected turns to stories that adults and children thought they knew by heart. The result is a parody with a hint of hooliganism, which offers winks to all audiences.

The stage version of another famous talethis time contemporary, comes the November 12 and 13 to the stage of Sala Russafa. Is about What does the moon taste like?,by Michael Grejniecwhich the Madrid-based company CamelCat transformed into a piece for early childhood that received the Audience Award for Best Family Show in 2020.

The storyteller Sara Luna relies on the manipulation of large-format puppets to narrate the story of a group of animals intrigued by the flavor that the star that illuminates the jungle night will have. Spectators from 2 years You will be able to enjoy this adventure that talks about the importance of friendship and teamwork.

The third proposal of the family programming for November comes from Jerez. Lazotea Gotera has been creating shows for boys and girls since 1981 in which music, sound effects, games and live dialogues are a hallmark and an alternative to the canned entertainment that is increasingly offered to children. Sala Russafa Audience Award in 2012 for La Mata de albahaca, the November 26 and 27 present in this theater their latest work, traveler cloth, especially suitable for viewers between 3 and 7 years. Eva Serna is its author and the original music is Juan Manuel Benito. Both bring this story to life accompanied by table puppets.

Its protagonist is Trapito, a piece of sheet that the girl Mara chose to be her inseparable companion, until they lose it one day.. Following their memories, they will try to meet again crossing all kinds of landscapes in a endearing journey, full of songs and with touches of humor.

In November, four premieres in the Valencian Community between the family and adult programming of Sala Russafa