‘Inside Job’ leaves Netflix and this is how its followers react on networks

Netflix surprised fans of its adult animated series during the week by announcing the cancellation of “Inside Job”this after producing just one season.

The series created by the writer and animator Shion Takeuchi sought to join the catalog options for those looking for series with deeper themes, more sarcastic humor, and certain sci-fi adventures like other highly successful series like Rick and Morty or Final Space.

Despite having a good acceptance from critics and fans, the series ended up being part of the content not renewed by the streaming service which brought deep disappointment to the fans.

“Inside Job” and its cancellation by Netflix

was the past January 9th when Shion Takeuchi announced through his Twitter account that the animated series was not renewed for a second season after what Netflix decided to cancel it.

“I am heartbroken to confirm that Netflix has decided to cancel ‘Inside Job’ Season 2. Over the years these characters have become real people to me and I’m devastated that I can’t see them grow up.”

The announcement confused many fans, due to the fact that Netflix had confirmed the renewal of the series for a second season in June. But, several specialized sites confirmed that those plans were discarded.

In the same way, the series had become the first adult animation content what was it produced entirely by Netflix Animation Studios.

Inside Job” either “undercover work” as it was named in Spanish debuted on the streaming service in October 2021 with a first part of 10 episodesand then launch the eight remaining chapters in November of that same year.

For Takeuchi this was a big step in his career after participating in other animated series such as “Gravity Falls” Y “Disenchantment”, which is also a Netflix production, as well as after his work at Pixar where he collaborated on “Monsters University” and “Inside Out”. Within “Inside Job” she also collaborated with Alex Hirschcreator of “Gravity Falls”.

Due to the affection that many fans have for Takeuchi and for the hope of seeing the series in which he was in charge conclude, the cancellation of the production brought a lot of comments and complaints. For this reason, in social networks like Twitter it became a trend.

“I am so heartbroken right now. I am going to miss Inside Job so much,” user Misha wrote. While user Em indicated: “I am so tired of companies having no respect for their own content and its creators. Bring back Inside Job.”

“Netflix does not get tired of canceling series pretending that they have an audience of millions after one season. Inside Job I do not forgive you ”, affirmed the user Mili.

What should you know about “Inside Job”?

Regarding the content of the series, “Inside Job” is a parody of science fiction products as “The X-Files” when presenting the offices Cognito Inc.a United States government organization that works in the shadows in search of discovering the infinite secrets of the world.

Reagan Ridley is the protagonist of the series, a technology genius who is very antisocial and whose partner is Brett Hand, who have to deal with the incompetence of most of their peers. Also, Reagan’s dad will always try to piss her off by being a conspiracy monger.

The cancellation of “Inside Job” joins others such as “final space” in the category of his animated content for young people or adultsIn addition, little is known about his other products of the style such as “Big Mouth”, “F is for Family”, “Hoops” and “Tuca and Bertie”.

‘Inside Job’ leaves Netflix and this is how its followers react on networks