Inside Man: review of Sherlock of the Lambs on Netflix


If Steven Moffat is an acclaimed and popular screenwriter, he is nonetheless divisive in many ways. Besides its oft-criticized female characters, it is also common knowledge that Steven Moffat is what one might call a formulaic author. Steven Moffat likes to play with certain dusty legacies to revisit and twist them in order to melt them into a pop-culture mold made of intertextuality, double or even triple drawer plots and comic dialogues sometimes turning into stichomythia. The problem with a formula that works is that it has its own unsurpassable limit, and nothing proves this better thanInside Man.

Now that we know all of Steven Moffat’s tricks and tricks, it’s impossible not to see them, and therefore all the more difficult to appreciate them. Gold, Inside Man is a breaking point, the moment when the formula turns to the toc of painful writing and when Steven Moffat turns most explicitly on empty. The formula was worn out, it is now tired, and above all tiring. As conscious of his last failures, Steven Moffat seems to be attempting a return to the past with what is neither more nor less than a Silence of the Lambs version sherlock carried by an intrigue à la the Coen brothers period Ladykillers Where Brown After Reading so far-fetched that she tears off the scalp.

“- Do you want to hear my critique of the MeToo era and ugly social networks? – No”


let’s say it, Inside Man is a real mess, a shapeless magma from which only a pseudo-reflection on human beings and violence emerges disguised with earthy cynicism so British to make you forget its insipid and complacent character. Far from the irony of the tragic fate of the obvious models The Crime was almost perfect and The Secret Behind the Door turned into heartbreaking grimacing sketches, Steven Moffat improvises himself as a moralizing little priest whose considerations on his characters say more about their author than about the world. It is moreover not without a certain gastric repression that we see Inside Man to use pedophile violence and its so-called feminism as a human shield.

Inside Man dreams of being immoral and subversive, but accomplishes nothing but a sermon and heavy-handed sermon, which gives the impression of attending a catechism lesson mixed with not funny jokes and memes that will only satisfy the edgelords of reddit. And the series will be able to blow the call to MeToo with the grace and finesse of a petomaniac hippopotamus to convince itself that it is in the famous spirit of the times after which everyone is running desperately, Inside Man will nevertheless remain completely off the mark for four long hours.

Inside Man: photo, David TennantReaction to Inside Man’s Tennants and Outs


Because if it remains everyone’s business to be annoyed by the substantial marrow ofInside Manthe fact remains that on the surface it is the feeling of deep boredom that reigns. With its appearance of Death Note doped with mentats where the least extra hides a gifted sociopath with 250 IQ capable of calculating each manipulation 47 moves in advance, Inside Man comes close to anime logic and regularly brings up the hilarious parody episode of rick and morty on heist films.

As for our protagonist, he is of course a pure lightning genius capable of solving crimes on Pluto from his prison and deducing the size of your poo from the day before by taking a look at your tax sheet.

Inside Man: photo, Stanley Tucci30 cm, I see it in your tax shelter in Mexico

May God bless Stanley Tucci, however, for his interpretation, all in light sobriety, of this Hannibof Lecter, the only glimmer of hope in this avalanche of Moffateries, between aberrant hazardous misunderstandings, intellectual overpower and dialogues that want to be witty.

Let’s recognize that, tired as Steven Moffat is and despite the repetitive humor ofInside Man (“I’m a fucking vicar“repeated at least five times as a cool catchphrase), at least it still manages to breathe some rhythm into its characters’ wordy, inane exchanges. Too bad the show is wrapped in a realization abusing so much of the distorting short focal length that one would believe it filmed with the GoProwe could have put the average.

The first season of Inside Man is available on Netflix, but please, we would rather avoid season 2 which the post-credits scene is very keen on doing.

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Inside Man: review of Sherlock of the Lambs on Netflix