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Job by Alexis Lebrun August 16, 2022

At a time when the waves of heat waves are linked together at a frantic pace, you may want to spend your month of August sheltered from the sun and cool. That’s good, good series have also continued to come to our screens this year. We have therefore selected ten to catch up before the start of the school year.

The torch

Unless you live cut off from the world in a cave without an internet connection, you are unlikely to be unaware of the existence of Marc, the irresistibly funny hero imagined and played by Jonathan Cohen.

However, we must insist again, because after his eventful quest for love in The flame (CANAL+), in 2020, Marc made his comeback this year in The torch, a hilarious parody of a famous survival show, where a leading French cast is parachuted onto the imaginary desert island of “Chupacabra” to get their face full with absurd tests, underhanded strategies, already cult murderous replies and of course boiling suspenseful votes at each end of the show. Change of scenery and laughter guaranteed.

The torch episodes 1 to 9, available on CANAL+.


If deserted islands and fine sand aren’t your cup of tea, why not take the plunge into space altogether? In this French science fiction series (a rarity) who does not lack ambition, the ISS and the members on board are in peril. Or even worse, because the decapitated corpse of one of them was discovered near the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

While a local rebel cop leads the investigation, a French astronaut played by Celine Sallette is chosen to carry out a perilous rescue mission alone within the International Space Station… Mystical series with a complex plot, Infiniti does not only make us travel in space, since it is also served by stunning images of the great Kazakh steppes.

Infiniti episodes 1 to 6, available on CANAL+.

War of the Worlds

Since we are talking about space and its dangers, we cannot fail to mention the fascinating series adaptation of the science fiction classic by HG Wells, especially since its third season arrives at the start of the school year on CANAL+. The perfect excuse to revisit the first two and once again revel in the post-apocalyptic vision imagined by Howard Overman for the few survivors of a large-scale alien attack.

Unlike Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece with Tom Cruise (2005), this version of War of the Worlds makes the bet to film survival in an intimate way, far from the great noise of the most spectacular special effects. And it works: we get attached to these characters, both written and performed, like Emily, the young blind girl played by rising star Daisy Edgar-Jones (Normal People on STARZPLAY, By order of God on Disney+).

War of the Worlds seasons 3, broadcast from September 5 on CANAL+.

Seasons 1 and 2 are available in full on myCANAL.



We continue in the subject of survival with the one who was the phenomenon series of this beginning of the year 2022. And if you have the phobia of air travel, it’s not likely to work out with Yellowjackets, whose heroines crash in the middle of a lost forest in the middle of nowhere. Of course, the characters first think that help will arrive, but you have to quickly face the facts: no one will come. Under these conditions, how can you survive and eat your fill as winter approaches? You must have an idea, right? Hint: cannibalism is not a taboo…

Loosely based on another classic of British literature (His Majesty of the Flies by William Golding), Yellowjackets is a fascinating series about adolescence, trauma and of course the social construction of femininity, since its characters are the players of a soccer team. And only a few of them will survive the jungle, which allows the series to rely on several temporalities and to multiply the mysteries to be solved for the fansbefore a season 2 that we are eagerly awaiting.

Yellowjackets episodes 1 to 10, available on CANAL+.



In the genre of massacre game behind closed doors, this Belgian series is not bad either. It brings together a band of old friends in their fifties on a private desert island in the south of France, where an unpunished crime from the past is about to resurface. Thirty years earlier, several men of the gang, then young adults, had indeed raped a woman during a holiday also organized in a reduced committee, and they thought they had gotten away with it without having to pay for their actions.

Bad luck for them, a blackmailer is in possession of a video that could not be more compromising of the rape in question, and he threatens to disclose it publicly. Something to spoil the dream vacation of our characters somewhat, now convinced that the person who is blackmailing them is among them on the island. Supported by a nice photo and a relatively breathless scenario, TwoSummers is also a very current series, since it highlights the ravages of toxic masculinity.

TwoSummers episodes 1 to 6, available on CANAL+.


Super Pumped

Can we say that Travis Kalanick, the founder of Uber, is an archetypal representative of toxic masculinity? Certainly, and this new series proves it by returning to the meteoric rise – and the inevitable fall – of this detestable boss of Silicon Valley, played here by an overexcited Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who makes money in the skin of a character puffed up with arrogance, who tyrannizes his employees, multiplies his outbursts and stops at nothing to impose his company on the whole world, in defiance of the laws which govern the profession of taxi driver.

Super Pumped obviously can’t compete with the blackness of the genre reference on the creator of Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg), the masterpiece The Social Network (David Fincher, 2010), but she shines by adding a real tragicomic dimension to her charge against uberization – her editing is as punchy as the narration by Quentin Tarantino himself.

Super Pumped episodes 1 to 7, available on CANAL+.


This Is Going To Hurt

Another tragicomic series, and another great acting number. In this medical series that seriously dusts off the genre, the adorable Ben Whishaw (Q in James Bond) plays a substitute head of obstetrician clinic in a British public hospital which is sorely lacking in resources. As a result, the unfortunate man has consultations and deliveries at a hellish pace, which inevitably has very harmful consequences for his patients and his own health, both physical and mental.

About This Is Going To Hurt is unfortunately sadly realistic, since the series is taken from the eponymous book of a resigned former doctor, Adam Kay. But the latter injects this adaptation with a strong dose of dark English humor – especially when the characters break the fourth wall to speak directly to the spectators –, which allows him to always navigate with great ease on the the razor’s edge between comedy and drama.

This Is Going To Hurt episodes 1 to 7, available on CANAL+.



After the unflattering but realistic portrait of the British public hospital, how about a little visit to the prisons of our English neighbors? This other remarkable BBC mini-series marks the meeting between two very great British actors. First Stephen Graham, in the role of a prison guard renowned for his accuracy, but who wavers when a dangerous prisoner directly threatens the life of his son, who is also imprisoned, and Sean Bean, a fantastic old veteran lost in a universe ultraviolent prison that he discovers as an inmate.

As the previous series did with the healthcare system, Time highlights the dysfunctions and the insufficient means granted by the British public authorities to the maintenance as well as to the supervision of prisons, and the dramatic effects that this can have on prisoners. In just four episodes totally unbreathable thanks to a straight line writing, Time simply stands out as one of the best prison series for a long time.

Time episodes 1 to 4, available on CANAL+.



Yes, here is another excellent series from the BBC, but this time it is the work of a young New Zealander full of talent, Rose Matafeo. The latter embodies a twenty-something exiled in London, where she investigates small jobs and one-night stands, before her meeting with a star actor (Nikesh Patel, cute), whose status she does not know at first, comes turn his life upside down.

Extremely refreshing series, Starstruck plays with the clichés of British romantic comedies, whose codes she constantly overturns to better speak to today’s generation and its concerns. And as in all successful, the result is both cute and funnywith a mixture of wackiness and absurdity in the writing of the situations, which reminds us that Rose Matafeo comes from stand-up, and that she knows the genre of romantic comedy and its sweet excesses like the back of her hand, to whom she ultimately pays a very fine tribute.

Starstruck seasons 1 and 2, available on CANAL+.


All You Need

And finally, we can take the direction of Berlin to discover the daily life of two former gay roommates, who each engage on their own in their first serious relationship. The first has a crush on a sports coach who hides a heavy past, while the second is already in the installation phase with his companion, a man who has just come out after being married for a long time. to a woman with whom he had a child.

But of course, gay nights in Berlin are full of temptations that will put the relationships of all these characters to the test… We can quite clearly distinguish an air of Queer as Folk (CANAL+) in the nocturnal wanderings of the characters ofAll You Need in the Berlin capital, but this German series also takes a relevant look at what is unfortunately still the reality of homophobia today.

All You Need episodes 1 to 5, available on CANAL+.


It’s summer: here are 10 series to catch up on during the holidays | myCANAL Mauritius