Jaime Camil, behind the essence and voice of Vicente Fernández

Jaime Camil affirms that his interpretation of Vicente Fernández is completely far from parody and caricature. / Courtesy: Caracol Television


Getting into the skin of an artist like Vicente Fernández is not a matter of imitation, it is a matter of absolute responsibility. Jaime Camil knew it from the beginning, when he was certain that he would be the actor chosen to play Charro de Huentitán in his adult stage in the series El Rey, from Caracol Televisión, an ambitious project produced by Hárold Sánchez in the company of Dago Garcia who seeks to bring the singer to life, even after his death.

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A musical legacy, an unmistakable voice and a particular personality characterize Vicente Fernández as a singer, but beyond his great talent, behind the artist is that boy who grew up full of deficiencies and surrounded by poverty, who, although humble, was always safe that he wanted to make history and was aware that he could achieve it.

In the series, viewers will see four fundamental stages in the life of the king of the ranchera, but perhaps the most conflictive was his adulthood, played by Camil, which includes the years of an older Vicente, between thirty and forty years old. At that moment in his life, the charro stopped being a dreamer and became a father of a family, a well-known musician and someone who must manage the rising fame along with family life. He is a character who faces temptations and shows the conflicts that come with being a public person.

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It was curious how the Mexican actor came to this project, because, according to what he says, he found out thanks to a call from a producer who was very close to him. “He told me about the project that Caracol Televisión was doing about the artist and asked me why I couldn’t participate… I was shocked because nobody had told me anything… someone had told the channel that I couldn’t, that was not available and that he did not have time, but it was false, he had not heard anything about the series until that day, ”reveals Camil.

After having been, finally, the actor selected to play the role, Jaime Camil knew that he had an immeasurable responsibility, but at the same time he felt an emotion and enormous happiness to have the honor of playing this great singer and clarified that he never had fear. “The actors enter our emotions in a very direct way to connect with the public, so if the first emotion that I transmit is fear when doing the project, I would be putting the noose around my own neck,” he commented in an interview with The viewer After admitting that, although this has been one of the most important series he has done, he decided to see it as one more project so as not to be intimidated by its greatness and thus capture the fresh essence of Vicente Fernández.

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Camil’s work was not only about interpreting the songs of the idol, it was much more than that. The actor had behind him the most crucial stage in the life of Chente and I wanted to make it perfect, without falling into parody, much less caricature. It was hard work that he did in the company of Kaled Acab, Sebastián García, Sebastián Dante and his coach Mónica Jiménez… the four Vicentes had to have a connection that was transmitted on the screen, and that was perhaps one of the biggest challenges of the entire production. Personally, Camil carried out an arduous investigation that consisted of watching almost all the videos of interviews with Fernández, in which he talked about the most intimate moments of his life, in order to understand him not only as a singer, but as a son, brother, husband, friend, confidant… like a human being.

“This was about conveying feelings, like when Vicente is having a romantic moment with Cuca, or when his career is falling apart and he himself believes that his quarter of an hour is over, because the record company paused his contract,” comments Jaime… “or when he decided to record ‘Volver, Volver’ and sat with his wife in front of the radio waiting for that song to play, right there is when the public connects with the character, and feels the anxiety that he felt” assured the actor.

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At that time Jaime Camil was not yet part of the project, because before receiving the role this series had been in process for two long years, but although he did not manage to speak directly with the singer about his life, he got the necessary tools to make this interpretation completely worthy of admiration.

The Mexican actor, who has a successful career and has played great characters such as Fernando Mendiola in the most beautiful uglyor Juan Carlos Caballero in For her I’m eva —Mexican adaptation of In Eva’s heels—, has built a successful career since the late 90s, and now Colombians will see him playing the great Vicente Fernández every night on Caracol Television.

Jaime Camil, behind the essence and voice of Vicente Fernández