Jaime Camil: “They should name me an honorary Colombian”

Lucio Ugalde is an important name for the Fernández family. He was the tailor of Vicente Fernández for more than 40 years and after the death of the idol, he continues to work with his son Alejandro. Fernandez and Ugalde met in Mexico City and established a relationship thanks to their impeccable mariachi dresses, which gave the artist identity and musical power.

The charro suits in the series about the life of the musician were also made by Don Lucio. They are the ones used by the actor Jaime Camil in El rey Vicente Fernández, where he represents the singer in his adulthood. Don Lucio, as part of the clan, has a space in Los Tres Potrillos, the family hacienda.

“The charro suit is from Super Hero, narrates a whole history of vernacular music, its ancestry, its heritage. And don Vicente’s suits are very well made”, says Camil.

The dresses can be heavy (up to six kilos), due to the metals they carry, and none is the same as another. For Fernandezdressing as a charro was dressing in Mexico and that is how he always understood it.

“They are suits of pants, vest and jacket,” continues Camil, who immediately adds that despite being close to Gerardo, Alejando and Vicente Fernández júnior, the singer’s sons, he only shook the idol’s hand once and never suspected that some day I would represent him.

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“It’s that when things are for you, even if you take them off, they come to you,” he says. Busy in Hollywood on his projects, one day he received a call from a Costa Rican friend who told him that they were looking for him from Caracol to be Vicente Fernández.

Then he spoke with Lisette Osorio, the channel’s vice president of international sales, and was even more surprised, because she told him that they had been trying to contact him for months and that, furthermore, the Fernandez family he wanted him to be the one to represent the musician.
“It was the first time I heard that they were looking for me. But now I turn it around, because when things are not for you, even if you put on and I didn’t put on this one, it had to come to me.

Already with his character, with the production team, with the librettists, directors and actors, he began, as he says, “to write a kind of love letter to the musician and his career”, with a story that has been told through four Vicentes (child, adolescent, young and now adult), a very Mexican narrative about the ranchera and the life of effort that led Fernández to become one of the most powerful popular symbols of his country in the world.

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“It was a job of great emotion and responsibility, with a process of preparation and
research, eager, but never afraid. As an actor, the characters touch your emotions and you have to be in touch with them, but if the first thing there is fear, you are already facing it with a negative feeling, ”he says.

He adds that he did not allow external pressures to affect him, “because in any case the weight of playing Vicente in his adult facet fell completely on my shoulders and the most important thing was to keep us away from parody, imitation or caricature. That was the number one slogan of the entire team. We arrived at a creative and humanized interpretation of the character. You had to look at how he moved his hand and his gestures, but that was not the total mix, but a small part, the fundamental thing was inside him”.

And in this regard, a moment in Fernández’s life was paramount: “When he was worried about launching Volver, Volver (by Fernando Maldonado), a song that could enhance his career or destroy it. He was a watershed and even more so when he was sitting with his wife, Doña Cuca, waiting for the public’s reaction when they heard the album, together, holding hands in that anxiety that, luckily, was for the best”.

Jaime Camil He was born in 1973. He started on the radio as a musical announcer and then went on to television, as a game show host; later he was a singer and then an actor.

He is one of the most recognized Mexican actors abroad and has done theater, musical theater, film and television both in his country and in the United States.

Now, in addition, there is a new point in his career related to Colombia. When he starred in ‘La fea más bella’ (Mexico’s version of ‘Yo soy Betty la fea’) he said that his acting profession had a before and after being Don Fernando (Don Armando, in Fernando Gaitán’s play, played by Jorge Henry Abello). But his relationship with the country does not end there: in the Mexican version of ‘In Eva’s heels’, which was called ‘For her I am Eva’, it was Juan, who made Abello in Colombia.

And in this new meeting, now as Vicente Fernández, he comments that it is a new achievement that goes to his belt as an artist that is linked to our country.

Abello and Camil have been in contact for several years and dream of doing something together. “What’s more, with Vicente’s series, they should give me honorary nationality,” Camil ends.

Jaime Camil: “They should name me an honorary Colombian”