Jasond Calderón joins with his sympathy to “Raymond and his friends”

The wait is over for fans of “Raymond and his friends” (RYSA) of Telemundo. Since last week, the production of the comedy program announced that today a new member would arrive to the cast led by the comedian and philanthropist Raymond Arrieta.

Tonight, finally, it was revealed that the actor and comedian Jason Calderon will join the friends of the also host of “Día a Día”, where they stand out Sarah Jarque, Rene Monclova, Jorge Castro, Joealis Filippetti, Monica Pastrana, Lizmarie Quintana, Abraham Martin, Fragoso Norwill, Michael Morales Y Rosko Jaime.

The public of the television space will be able to enjoy Calderón’s occurrences from this coming Tuesday, August 30. This good news, said the interpreter, makes him feel like a child on Christmas Eve.

“Very happy. Happy because I know that what is going to come is something positive, ”commented the also musician about what he experiences prior to his debut in front of the cameras of Channel 2.“ This makes a new mark within the goals that he had proposed . I return to doing comedy on television, and this time with one of the most beloved in Puerto Rico, within a channel like Telemundo, which is extremely solid and recognized worldwide. Other than that, there is a spectacular cast in here of Puerto Rican actors and actresses who are the cream of the crop. Joining them, and being a part of them, and being on a par with them, fills me with a lot of pride and a lot of emotion”, he added.

This is not the first time that the artist is part of a comedy program. In interview with The new dayCalderón recalled when he belonged to “Viva la Risa” of Univision Puerto Riconow TeleOnce. Despite the fact that, as he said, “it was as ephemeral as seeing Halley’s comet”, the disappeared space represented a school in which he learned “a lot” alongside great colleagues.

Similarly, in “RYSA”, Calderón is grateful for the opportunity to make people laugh alongside professionals he admires and with whom he has worked on the island’s main stages. Among them, he named Monclova and Jarque.

“With René Monclova I have worked not only in the theater, but also doing voiceovers. We did the play ‘La casa sin papel’, a parody of ‘La casa de papel’. (He is) an excellent co-worker and an excellent mentor. I really liked his work and his discipline. And, with Sara Jarque, I worked on ‘In the Heights’, the musical we did in September of last year at ‘Choli’ and what can I tell you. Sara is very strict in her work. What I like about her is that, if things are done in one way within the profession, she does not allow them to be done in a different way”, recognized.

From engineering to laughter

Calderón revealed that he likes to invent. In this line, he decided to study Mechanical Engineering at the Mayagüez College of the University of Puerto Rico (UPR). This profession, he added, has helped him structure his time and solve problems “in parts.”

He also described that he has always considered himself “nice and clown.” That is why, when he had the first opportunity to make a voiceover, as a student, he did not hesitate to integrate different voices.

“I found out I could do high school and college clowning and jokes, and get paid. So I decided to change my profession, ”he told this medium.

Today, Calderón does not regret having made that decision, because, he assured, laughter is vital in the historical times that the country faces. Through the work of him, the artist with Dominican roots, he feels that he also contributes to the well-being of his followers.

“I don’t think I’ve ever gone a day in my life, thank God, without laughing. Within the positive and negative that has happened to me, I have not lived a day without laughing. Laughter is like an escape valve for the human being and the soul when difficult things happen. If we allow all this negative news, sometimes negative in terms of violence, sometimes negative in terms of arrests and corruption, that is happening on the island, well, it overwhelms the thinking of Puerto Ricans and if you don’t have a way to have fun or simply distract yourself from what It’s happening, you’re going to go crazy, “he exclaimed.

It does not come to replace anyone

Before continuing with his preparation for his great debut on the Telemundo screen, Calderón took the opportunity to express his admiration for Arrieta. In fact, he promised that next year he would be part of the fifteenth walk “Da Vida”for the benefit of the patients of the Oncology Hospital.

“He’s admirable and I respect him a lot,” he said. Regarding his participation in “RYSA”, the interpreter explained that she hopes it will be received with approval among the followers of the comedy space.

“I hope they receive it well. I am not here to replace anyone. I come to join and add to the cast to continue making the Puerto Rican people laugh and have a good time”, pointed out.

Producer Tony Mojena, who happened to be in the studio where “RYSA” is produced, shared his feelings after Calderón joined the cast of the comedy show.

“I like talents that are talented, forgive the redundancy. Here (in “RYSA”) there are people who sing, write, act. And Jasond has all of that. He is a person who sings, not everyone has to be Pavarotti, but he can sing for the comedies we do. If we ever want to do a musical with our team, we can do it. He is a great actor, he is a great comedian, he writes, he dances, and he has not been part of the cast, but he has worked a lot with them on many other projects,” he said.

Mojena added that with the help of the comedian they will be able to continue renewing the offer of the television space that is broadcast at 8:30 pm “Bringing new people we can make new comedy, we can create new characters, we can create new situations in the same comedies that exist” he explained.

What happened to Rosko Jaime?

For those who wonder what has happened to the comedian Rosko Jaime, who for a few weeks stopped appearing on the Telemundo program, the producer Janice Méndez stated that the interpreter of “Chupy” in “Men and The City” took a while to attend to personal matters.

“Rosko is not thrown out, we are not going to throw him out. He asked me for some time to resolve some family matters and his affairs ”, Mojena added.

Jasond Calderón joins with his sympathy to “Raymond and his friends”