Javier Marías: the essential books of the Madrid academic, a reference in Spanish literature

The Madrid-born author, who died on September 11 at the age of 70, is a key figure and a benchmark in Spanish-language literature. We collect the essential books of him.

The last ten months have been marked by great losses in Spanish literature. Almudena Grandes left us orphans in November 2021 after she died at 60 from colon cancer. The same feeling of orphanhood remains with the loss of Javier Marias, who has died of complications from pneumonia. For more than a month he was hospitalized, in a coma, in a Madrid hospital. Carme, whom he married in 2018 after two decades together, has been by his side until the end of his days.

The writer’s books have been with us since 1971, when he published his first work, The Domain of the Wolf, a parody of the golden years of Hollywood. So, he was only 19 years old and had a lifetime of recognition ahead of him. In his career, the literary genius has sold more than eight million copies. His works have been translated into more than 40 languages ​​and have been published in around 60 countries.

Marías gave life to some of the most outstanding books in Spanish of the last half century, according to other important renowned authors, critics or publishers.

The translator and editor published more than fifteen novels. After The domains of the wolfJavier Marías launched in 1972 Skyline Crossing, a tribute to the great adventure novels of the late nineteenth century. follow him The monarch of time, The century Y the sentimental man. Then, in 1989, she wrote her most notable book to date, All Souls. He was inspired by his student years at the University of Oxford and, thanks to it, he was recognized with the City of Barcelona Award.

Three years later he gave another bell with Corazón tan blanco, with which he won the Critics’ Award in 1993. It is a contemporary classic “about hearts so white that little by little they are dyed and end up being what they never wanted be”. Tomorrow in the battle think of mepublished in 1994, is another essential novel of his literature and was chosen by the magazine Semana de Colombia as one of the best works in Spanish of the last 25 years. heart so white was also selected.

black back of time and the trilogy your face tomorrow they are the works that came later, between 1998 and 2007. For his trilogy, the author was inspired by the accusation and imprisonment of his father, the Republican philosopher Julián Marías, during the Civil War. With crushes (2012) was recognized with the National Narrative Award, but rejected it after maintaining that it would not accept institutional awards. “I have always been impertinent, a spoilsport,” Marías told Efe in 2017.

Their work is completed This is how bad things start (2014); Bertha Island (2017), with which he received the Critics’ Award; and his latest novel, Thomas Nevinsonpublished in March 2021.

Along with his novels, his columns are also part of the story: “I have always said what I thought. I say what I think and I criticize the idiotic, the unfair or the wrong,” he added.


Javier Marías: the essential books of the Madrid academic, a reference in Spanish literature