“JB en ATV”: Jorge Benavides and the most remembered parodies with his cast

He is one of the most recognized comedians at the national level and his validity is noted in his ATV space, where he presents parodies on the different current issues.

Recently, the program “JB en ATV” announced that it will present a sketch about the alleged infidelity of former president Martín Vizcarra with Zully Pinchi, but this time we recount the most remembered ‘sketches’ of Benavides along with his talented cast.

The most remembered parodies of Jorge Benavides with his cast

Parody on the ‘ampay’ of Aldo Miyashiro

Aldo Miyashiro and Óscar del Portal were in the eye of the storm after starring in a controversial ‘ampay’ with Fiorella Retiz and Fiorella Méndez, respectively.

The program led by Jorge Benavides joined the wave of criticism of unfaithful men and presented a funny sketch. Carlos Vílchez was in charge of giving life to the driver of “La banda del Chino”, while Danny Rosales played the sports journalist.

On the other hand, the popular ‘Dayanita’ was a flirtatious Fiorella Méndez and the comedian Gabriela Serpa was a sweet imitation of the reporter Fiorella Retiz.

Sketch about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock

Will Smith It was news worldwide after he slapped comedian Chris Rock in the recent edition of the Oscars 2022, held on March 27.

In the midst of this commented scandal, the program “JB en ATV” made a parody in the style of humorist Jorge Benavides.

The role of Chris Rock was played by the comedian Martín Farfán, who attacked all the “assistants” and received more than one slap for his “offensive” jokes. While Carlos Vílchez brought to life the renowned actor Will Smith, who recently resigned from the Hollywood Academy for his actions at the 2022 Oscars live ceremony.

‘Dayanita’ was responsible for embodying Jada Pinkett, Smith’s wife. She and all the attendees were victims of the heavy jokes of Martín Farfán, who finally had to run away from the set.

Parody on Yahaira Plasencia in the trunk

The program “JB on ATVs” He made a parody about the controversial police intervention of Yahaira Plasencia at a Cieneguilla party.

The role of the sauceboat was under the responsibility of ‘Cachito’ (Walter Ramírez). While Danny Rosales imitated the Chilean ‘Pancho’ Rodríguez.

“Panchito is speaking to you and I want to apologize to all my followers. The truth is that it was a mistake to go to the ‘La Yaha’ party and I go to any businessman so that he can give me a job… I’m doing everything”, Danny Rosales said as part of his imitation.


Funny sketch about “The Squid Game”

The series “The Squid Game” became the favorite series of thousands of people and the Benavides program made a funny parody, where the entire cast “died” in the hands of the “doll”.


Parody of the controversial resignation of Allison Pastor in Gisela’s program

The commented resignation of Allison Pastor to “Reinas del show” by Gisela Valcárcel did not escape the creativity of Jorge Benavides and a parody was presented about what happened on channel 4, despite the fact that they competed on schedule.


El Plus: Horacio ‘La Pepa’ Baldessari comes face to face with his double

A few weeks ago there was an emotional moment “JB en ATV”, where Jorge Benavides (JB) —in the role of ‘Pepa’— met up again with Horacio ‘Pepa’ Baldessari’. They both said everything.


“JB en ATV”: Jorge Benavides and the most remembered parodies with his cast