Jesus Christ first made them … and then the accocchje, the return with applause by Dina Valente | Daily Status, Manfredonia 29 November 2022. After two years of absence from the stage, Dina Valente is back in the limelight, “long-life” director and actress as she is pleasantly defined with a “light” comedy in two acts he made them..and then the accocchje”.

I had been waiting for that phone call for a long time: “Let’s go back to the theater from 22 to 25 November”, one evening last month I was happy to receive this call, to hear the voice of the iconic Dina Valente again, now an institution for Manfredonia.

It is immediately a citizen “Tam Tam” and the director’s perplexities (of not being able to fill the theater, nb) are immediately debunked by the sold out!

The first act is a nice parody, starring a poor director who tries to “indoctrinate” his shabby company … even if there will be no hope!

And it is immediately a succession of misunderstandings, hilarious qui pro quo that cannot fail to drag the audience into a contagious whirlwind of laughter.

A “picture” made up of four a little distracted, a little clumsy budding actors who struggle between jokes to learn and roles to interpret. In fact, the unfortunate group will have to stage nothing less than “The Betrothed” with a deranged Don Abbondio and two slightly dumb Bravi” who believe they have to play two polite gentlemen….

Between the first and second act, the unexpected entry on stage of the great Dina Valente in the role of a colorful flower girl, a skilled actress, who found herself on stage almost by chance to entertain the audience while waiting for the actual show to begin, almost softens “The theater is not for me” she will repeat to the incredulous spectators of seeing her still there, “brilliant on stage with her hat.

The second act will stage a pleasant “Hotel” ops “Othello” in which a distracted prompter will reassure the Moor of Venice and his trusty Jago between one song and another (texts by Dina Valente nb), while a suggestive and bearded Desdemona will invent all of them in order not to be killed by her husband, blinded by jealousy for Cassio.

A succession of jokes, misunderstandings and parodies in a whirlwind of double meanings that from the Venetian to the Manfredonian will restore an evening of good humor to the audience present, snatching applause and acclaim.

Heartfelt thanks to the enterprising Dina Valente together with the tireless Filomena Trotta for directing and to their brilliant actors: Ciro Salvemini “desperate director”, Matteo Caratù “Consummate Actor”, Antonio Renegado “Misunderstood Actor”, Alessandro Francavilla “intellectual but not too much”, Luciano Segreto “Clumsy actor”, Peppe Sfera “Actor of little hope”, Luigi Armiento “Almost fatal actress”, Camillo Renegado “Distracted prompter”, with the collaboration of Antonio Renegado (scenes), Michele Trimigno (service and audio ), Andrea Colaianni (photo/TV), Annamaria Vitulano (presenter).

Edited by Mariella La Forgia

photogallery Louis Starace

Jesus Christ first made them … and then the accocchje, the return with applause by Dina Valente | Daily Status