Jonathan Cohen: “Studies from nothing, window seller”, his secrets about his big complex

At 41, Jonathan Cohen has a string of roles on television and in the cinema. However, the artist was not predestined to shine on the front of the stage. Indeed, before joining the National Conservatory of Dramatic Art, he was a window seller. A course in the form of a complex mentioned in the podcast The Taste of M June 3, 2022.

Jonathan Cohen is one of the headliners of French comedy. Revealed in the short program Blocked on Canal +, he notably played in We three or nothing, more beautifulor Budapest. But that’s not all. More than a year and a half after the release of the series The flameit returns to the fourth string with The Flambeau: the adventurers of Chupacabra. A new creation in which he parodies TF1’s flagship show, Koh Lanta. Physical hardships, mental manipulations and emotional betrayals… Lhe character of Marc, who has become single again, is this time confronted with other candidates on a deserted island. On the occasion of the arrival of the series on the small screen, Jonathan Cohen did not hesitate to talk about his career in the podcast The Taste of M, June 3, 2022. An interview during which he recounted his entry into private theater lessons and his meeting with Raymond Acquaviva, actor and director. “Raymond Acquaviva says to me: ‘You absolutely have to pass the competition for the National Conservatory of Dramatic Art.’ I pass it, but it’s the luck of the ignorant. The more ignorant we are, the more likely we are that it will work. If I had realized what it was, I think I would have missed it.”

Taken with a passion for the theater, Jonathan Cohen was admitted to the National Conservatory of Dramatic Art in early 2000. An apprenticeship marked by difficult beginnings. “There was this first back-to-school meeting with lessons on theater history. People ask me why I want to do theatre. I have no answerexplained the artist during this interview. And to clarify about his lack of self-confidence: “I don’t have the background of the other candidates. The others, they had very clear answers. They had all done hypokhâgnes and khâgnes, with a theater option. Me studies nothing. Window salesman. A difficult period during which Jonathan Cohen questioned himself. “I’m a bit in a complex to say to myself: ‘Do I deserve to be here?’ ‘Am I allowed to be here?’ ‘Do I have legitimacy?’ And it stayed with me for a while.”explained the comedian at the microphone of the podcast.

Jonathan Cohen: the keys to success

Jonathan Cohen began his career as a voice actor. He notably did the voice of Doctor Néfario in Me, ugly and mean. In 2012, he landed a role in A perfect plan, where he replied to Dany Boon and Diane Kruger. Building on this success, he then multiplied appearances in popular films. An accession on which Jonathan Cohen returned in the podcast The Taste of Mr.”We do very difficult jobs in the sense that there is zero guarantee of success, of success, of work. The path is so hard in itself that it’s always cooler if you’re accompanied. If I hadn’t had all these people around me, it would have taken away a lot of joy and a lot of strength above all.”

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Jonathan Cohen: “Studies from nothing, window seller”, his secrets about his big complex – Gala