Jonathan Cohen tells how he wrote the series “La Flamme”, parody of the “Bachelor”


Ana Girardot, Géraldine Nakache, Doria Tillier, Vincent Dedienne, Adèle Exarchopoulos, Camille Chamoux, Leïla Bekhti, Céline Salette, Laura Calamy, Léonie Simanga, Florence Foresti, Pierre Niney… It’s both the cream of humor and French cinema that Jonathan Cohen brings together in The flame. Without forgetting the singer Angèle. He tells Thursday in Culture Media how was born this parody series, broadcast on Canal+ from Monday.

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The real bachelors, “crazier than our imagination”

The flame is a comedy series inspired by dating shows like “The Bachelor”, where a man must choose between several suitors. This reality show had six seasons in France, from 2003 to 2005 on M6, then in 2013, 2014 and 2016 on NT1. This type of program remains very popular in the United States.

Emissions from which Jonathan Cohen was obviously inspired a lot in his writing. “I watched many, many episodes of the different Bachelor. We are still in the thirtieth season in the United States!, He counts. And I did well: the participants are even crazier than all the parodies one can imagine.”

The writing of comic series is not a first for Jonathan Cohen, who has already signed the script for six episodes of the series Netflix France Family Business.

The adaptation of an American format

If Jonathan Cohen consumed so many episodes of the real Bachelorit did not start from zero. The flame is indeed an adaptation of the American comedy series Burning Love. An original version with which the author and co-director however took many creative liberties. “Burning Love still dates from seven years ago”, recalls Jonathan Cohen. “It was really necessary to readapt the series to the mores of today.”

“In particular, we added two episodes that did not exist,” he says. “The original characters were extraordinary, so we kept them. What has changed are the situations, the valves. We also kept candidates who are very quickly eliminated in the original version, to bring them where we wanted us.”

A second season in preparation?

Jonathan Cohen takes the opportunity to deliver other behind the scenes of the birth of The flame. Especially on the decor, a rather opulent house. We met the owner, it is on sale at 12 million euros”, he reveals. A property that can be found elsewhere in The AgencyTMC’s real estate reality show.

The creator reveals that the series only wrapped up very recently. “There are a lot of cutaways, sound effects, etc. It’s a real gas plant”, he remembers about the important editing work necessary to take up the codes of reality TV. “We delivered the episodes to Canal+ only three weeks ago”.

However, he is already imagining a second season. “We are working on it. The idea might be to reverse the roles, with a bachelorette and suitors”, he prophesies. The first season of The flame is in any case broadcast from October 18 on Canal +. Camille Chamoux reveals other secrets in our SÉRIELAND podcast.

Jonathan Cohen tells how he wrote the series “La Flamme”, parody of the “Bachelor”