Jorge Benavides will remember Diego Bertie by repeating the program in which the actor participated

Jorge Benavides will pay tribute to Diego Bertie. (Photo: Composition)

One of the last appearances of Diego Bertie on television was when he visited the set of JB on ATV to be part of a sketch in which they revived one of the endearing scenes of the soap opera ‘Things of Love’, which starred the Peruvian actor.

This moment caught the attention of the followers, because in the middle of the recordings, the artist flowed before the cameras and gave Mariella Zanetti a passionate kiss, a scene that was not going to happen in the script. For this reason, the video went viral almost immediately.

That is why, as a tribute, the program has announced the repetition of this clip in its program this Saturday, August 6, at its usual time. Throught social media, Jorge Benavidez He wrote an emotional message for his departure.

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“How we had fun with Diego Bertie. After the recording, he told us with her representative that he had had the best time. When we met for the first time we gave each other a hug as if we had known each other forever. Thank you Diego for sharing this unforgettable moment with us”reads his post.

Jorge Benavides will pay tribute to Diego Bertie by repeating the program in which the actor participated. (Video: Instagram)

On the other hand, the voiceover of the preview of the program indicates that they will fondly remember this funny sequence that the singer starred in. “This Saturday lives with us a special tribute to one of the most beloved musicians and actors in Peru. Let us fondly remember his sense of humor and relive one of the funniest sequences on the show.” indicates the speech.

This morning, after meeting the news of the death of Diego Bertie, Various figures from the artistic guild were present with emotional words of farewell. His unexpected departure caused great shock to friends and followers, who could not believe what was happening.

One of the people who spoke was George Benavidez. The comedic actor spoke to ATV News and revealed details of his encounter with Bertie. In his statements, he revealed that the day they recorded the sketch for his program was the first time they saw each other in person and that he was very happy with what he experienced on the television set.

“We both wanted to meet, it was the first time we saw each other. The meeting was very emotional for me and for him. He had a lot of fun, he was very, very happy. What’s more, he wanted to return because he was delighted by how we had treated him “explained the comedian.

Jorge Benavides talks about the parody they recorded together with Diego Bertie. ATV Video Channel / ATV News

In addition, he revealed that the singer had only planned to sing on the program, but it was when he arrived that they proposed to do a parody and he immediately accepted. “I thought he was super good people, very simple, he even came with the idea of ​​singing a song and we proposed to change the subject and he was delighted, simple and loved”, he added.

Finally, he confessed that the aforementioned scene of the kiss with Mariella Zanetti occurred spontaneously because it was not prepared in the script. “We invited Mariella Zanetti to participate in the sketch and there is a part where she kisses Diego, supposedly there was no kiss, but between laughter and joke they kiss. A fuss was made and the girls started screaming.” sentenced.


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Jorge Benavides will remember Diego Bertie by repeating the program in which the actor participated