José Manuel Soto will give a concert in Algeciras as part of the autumn cultural program

The City Council of Algeciras has presented this Tuesday the programming of Algeciras in Autumn 2022which will include theatrical performances, films, monologues, photographic exhibitions, the presentation of a book, a meeting between poets and a concert by Jose Manuel Soto on December 17. Activities can be enjoyed from September 30, until January 7.

Landaluce explained that “we have worked to continue offering top notch programmingfor all ages and with the best musical and theatrical shows, as well as exhibitions or literary meetings that always have a date in Algeciras, a city committed to culture, leisure and its manifestations”.


The friday september 30 will open the Florida Municipal Theater with the representation of the theatrical classic ‘Don Gil of the Green Stockings‘ by Tirso de Molina, directed and adapted by Asun García, for the company ‘La Teatrera’ from Algeciras.

In Octoberin the children’s music modality, will offer the show of little Red Riding Hood; On Saturday, October 8, there will be a comedy night at the level of two great names of the monologue, Miguel Ángel Martín and Marcos Arizmendi; on the 14th and 15th the musical will arrive at the theater The Full Monty, under the direction of Silvia Villau; will take place on Saturday 22 The night of love parody 2under the tutelage and creation of the Algeciras SAF (Sociedad Algecireña de Fomento), and will end the month of performances on Saturday 29 with the show Scents of the Southby the Algeciras musician Diego Valdivia.

In Novemberfrom the 8th to the 13th there will be an appointment with horror cinema and all the fantasy disciplines of the International Fantastic and Horror Arts Contest Algeciras Fantastika 2022; on the 18th the day of flamenco will be celebrated with the thirty silver palm Algeciras city. On Saturday, November 5, the municipal theater will host the musical The Elton John Experience, a musical journey through the history of the legendary British musician. On Saturday, November 20, the musical show will take place Delighted hand in hand with the SAF and the Portus Albus Choir; On the 25th and 26th, the Municipal Theater will host the musical tribute to Tina Turner Totally Tina; and on the 30th, to end the month of November, with The Punta Carnero Lighthouse of Apadis.

In Decemberon Saturday 3 will take place the comedy written and directed by Mario Hernández an oscar for oscar, led by well-known and beloved actors such as Jon Plazaola, Agustín Jiménez, Rebeca Sala and Marta Guil; on tuesday 13 the algeciras house of culture will host the ballet performance The Nutcracker of Tchaikovsky, for all ages. On the 17th the year will end with the return to the city of the Sevillian singer Jose Manuel Soto.

in Januaryit is planned that on the 4th Florida will host the scenic representation of the story The Giant of Botafuegosby the Bohemian Musical Associationunder the artistic direction of the Algeciras musician Rafael Álvarez, to later carry out the cabaret burlesque-show.

In parallel, there will also be activities that occupy the municipal cultural spaces of Algeciras, such as the Municipal Museum, the ‘José Luis Cano’ Documentary Center and the Cajasur Hall, which will host the photographic exhibitions of Mariló Calvente in this autumn cultural period Turning Phobic GlancesÁngel Ordóñez and Tomoyuki Hotta with El Chato y la Bella: There is a friend in meand the paintings by Javier Antolín, Marga Guínea with Make Two O and Antonio Javier Pérez García.

You can also see a sample of military modelingtogether with the book presentations of the literary meetings Paper Afternoonsor the celebration of the meeting poets of now 2022 in Algeciras, as well as an exhibition by Guillermo Pérez Villalta called The Sign of the Westdonated by the artist to the Andalusian Center for Contemporary Art of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport, as reported by the delegate.

Pillar Painter has highlighted the “effort and enthusiasm to continue providing the city with top-level cultural activities, also working with local groups, and hand in hand with the technicians of the Culture delegation and the Image department of the Consistory, with special Algeciras flavor and always thinking of adding, improving and enhancing our essences”

The mayor stressed that “we continue working to make Algeciras a city with more culturemore art and more entertainment, for this reason, from the delegation led by Pilar Pintor, together with the technicians, intense work is carried out to offer citizens the best cultural programming possible, varied and modern”.

José Manuel Soto will give a concert in Algeciras as part of the autumn cultural program