José Mota, New Year’s Eve: the best impersonations of politicians

There are not New Year’s Eve without Chimes and we can no longer imagine them without him Jose Mota special. No one gets rid of their parodies. Risto Mejide has been his first victimbut it is that they have not even been spared Lane neither Joaquin from Betis, the great revelation of the year. Of course, the worst unemployed have been the politicians who have been the victims of critical satire for their inability to save Europe from energy and economic disaster.

José Mota and his brilliant imitation of ‘La Meloni’

The new Prime Minister of Italy has joined the very long list of characters in Jose Mota. ‘La Meloni’, Macron and Pedro Sánchez They have competed between laughs to take the helm of the Europa, a great ship, in the Titanic style, which is going to sink without anyone being able to avoid it. The laughs are guaranteed:

Save yourself Putin! – Iceberg crash

Almeida hits the spurt in the New Year’s Eve special

The admiral, Javier Gurruchaga, has been in charge of welcoming the great European and national leaders to the ship. C.Carlos III and Camila Parker Bowles (Josema Yuste and Miriam Díaz Aroca) They have been great protagonists of the story devised by José Mota. But there has been no lack of laughter at the expense of other leaders.

José Luis Martínez Almeida has been played by an actor much taller than him… the joke was served on a platter: What a growth spurt!

Save yourself Putin! – Gurruchaga receives the politicians and Feijóo minimusical

has not missed Isabel Ayuso crying out for the freedom of which he boasts in Madrid. But the parody of Mota has not been lacking either, criticizing the precariousness of the Spanish public health and its tremendous waiting lists:

Save yourself Putin! – Heredity medical appointments

The Congress of Deputies: the chicken coop of “El pollito Pío”

The nursery rhyme of “The chick Pio” Mota has served to mock national politicians and their work in the Congress which, many times, looks like that, a chicken coop. Feijoo, Santiago Abascal, Pedro Sánchez, Inés Arrimadas and even Oriol Junqueras with Meritxell Batet directing the band have been the protagonists of this funny sketch:

Save yourself Putin! – Musical ‘El Pedrito Pío’

José Mota nails the imitation of Yolanda Díaz!

We will never forget the number of José Mota imitating Rubalcaba looking for coins even under the cushions of the sofa. At the height of that brilliant parody is the one we have seen this Yolanda Diaz’s New Year’s Eve. José Mota nails it! Those little closed eyes, the “thank you”, the “I’m going to give you a piece of information”… It’s just that not even Yolanda Díaz is quite Yolanda Díaz:

Save yourself Putin! – Sponsored childhood

Don’t let your farts escape, catch them

Perhaps the most surreal joke of New Year’s Eve has touched the Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albares. In a hilarious parody, he asked the Spaniards not to let their gases escape… much better to put them in a bag and stop depending on Putin’s energy!

Save yourself Putin! – Gas collection

Putin: The great Dictator…And Messi puts it firm

Still humorously, José Mota has not missed the opportunity this New Year’s Eve to criticize the president’s authoritarianism Putin. Portrayed as Hitler in The great Dictator of Chaplin and as a tyrant who leaves Europe without gas on a whim:

Save yourself Putin! – Message from Messi

José Mota, New Year’s Eve: the best impersonations of politicians