Josselin. The impersonator Laurent Chandemerle celebrates his 30

The comedian impersonator and Breton singer Laurent Chandemerle celebrates its 30th anniversary on stage and will be performing in Josselin (Morbihan) at The Ecusson Cultural Center Saturday January 21, 2023. The artist summons a new gallery of characters more real than life. Her new show #30 years scene chandemerle mixes both the virtual world of a smartphone or a connected screen with the reality of the world. Itinerary of a Breton in showbiz.

After Rennes, Plancoët and Saint-Brieuc, Laurent Chandemerlewith its anniversary show called # 30 years on stage, will take the Josselin public into the worlds of show bussiness personalities. From false information to real imitation, the actor likes to cover his tracks and disturb the vision of the spectators. Inspired by the connected world, the artist asks spectators to stay connected for a game of images, texts and videos, all in a joyful delirium. The show was directed by Philippe Sohier, himself Breton, author and director of many comedians, such as Christophe Alévêque or Florence Foresti.

Laurent Chandemerle was born on December 27, 1967 in Plaintel in the Côtes-d’Armor. As a child in the 1970s, he was interested in the success of the imitator Thierry Le Luron and took advantage of family meals to get on the table and imitate Chaban-Delmas. He already has an innovative approach to imitation. He lives his schooling at a slow trot to jump on a horse and wants to become a jockey. At the same time, Laurent Chandemerle always imitates the voice of the stars of song and then those of sport, politics and television. In total, his vocalizations allow him to sculpt more than 130 voices. Very quickly, he abandoned the saddle in favor of the stage, since he participated in a radio-hook in front of 1000 people in the theater of his town on October 7, 1989. He was 12 years old and presented his sketches and numbers that he concocted himself. The artist was born.

In 1994, he made a flash appearance on the radio show Nothing to wax on France Inter with Laurent Ruquier, before appearing on the small screen in 1998 with Laurent Boyer in star seeds (M6). Three times winner of the show, however, he explodes with Patrick Sébastien who, dazzled, recruits him in 5 minutes in The biggest cabaret in the world and The happy years on France 2 where he obtained a permanent role in 2008.

In 2009, Laurent Chandemerle met talented musicians and discovered the joy of playing surrounded by instruments. Since then, he has performed as much as possible in this orchestral configuration.

Today, he puts his voices at the service of a repertoire mixing humor, derision, tenderness, causticity, laughter, impertinence, poetry. From Jamel Debbouze to Benoît Poelvoorde via Geneviève de Fontenay, from Bénabar to Renan Luce via Andréa Bocelli, he handles the art of parody and bon mot. The artist goes through all these celebrities. From the first to the last minute, the audience is carried away in a whirlwind of voices and pirouettes, all punctuated by bursts of laughter and applause.

Besides the stage, Laurent Chandemerle is also an actor and has proven himself in the world of cinema. First in 2003, in two films by Nicolas Guillou: land of blood alongside Dominique Paturel and Ginette Garcin and Between us with Frederique Bel.

The small screen also hosted his acting in 2009 for an episode of Maupassant’s Tales and Legends in The Badger Affair for the France 2 channel.

Return to film sets in 2016 for the film Alone but not too much by Alexandra Robert and in 2019 for The Shelburn Network. He played the role of the lieutenant in charge of a network of resistance fighters who evacuated airmen from Plouha (22) to England during the Second World War.

Do not miss it either during walks Breizh attitudes, during which he performs his hit with 1 million views, a tribute to Brittany: it’s Argoat and Armor. Place where he likes to relax in the Orge forest of Plœuc-L’Hermitage near Plaintel, its mushrooms, its pink granite coast and its scallops. In this corner of the Breton coast, he goes on a pilgrimage and never fails to salute the memory of Thierry Le Luron from Ploumanac’h, the imitator who inspired him so much…

2023 promises to be an equally successful year. The impersonator had a costume made with glasses and a guitar for a new music video slated for release in January.

He also brings his daughter Léa in his wake, a pretty bit of voice who also knows how to clown. With her, he revisits the song But I love you by Camille Lellouche and Grand Corps Malade, which becomes Ukraine. The objective, far from being humorous this time, is to support the refugees who have come to Brittany.

Laurent Chandemerle will also star in the film Plogoff 1980 by Nicolas Guillou in September 2023. He plays a head of RG (General Intelligence) during the fight against the nuclear power plant project in the 1980s.

Practical information :

One man show of Laurent Chandemerle January 21, 2023 at 8:30 p.m.

L’Écusson Cultural Center, rue de l’Écusson, 56120 Josselin

Josselin. The impersonator Laurent Chandemerle celebrates his 30-year career on the Écusson stage