Juan Camilo Restrepo shared his photo in a “heroic” pose and teasing rained down on him

The mayor (e) of Medellín uploaded this photo to his Twitter account to show that he is at the forefront of the situation in the UdeA.

It seems that the former commissioner for peace in Colombia and former mayor in charge of Medellín and Cúcuta, Juan Camilo Restrepo, is nostalgic for power or needed to receive some attention at noon this Wednesday, August 24. In any case, he received a wave of interactions after remembering a photograph that was taken of him during his 22 days in office in the capital of Antioquia.

On May 19, a group of hooded men seized a motorcycle and burned it near the University of Antioquia. That day, Restrepo uploaded to his Twitter account a photograph of himself with officials from the Medellín Security Secretariatin the midst of a unified command post to address the situation.

The image showed Restrepo with a stern gesture and a fixed gaze, with his fists clenched against the meeting table, and was accompanied by this message: “At the head of the public order situation at the University of Antioquia from the command post unified from 123, together with @seguridadmed. We are not going to allow some to threaten the tranquility of the citizens and continue to generate anxiety at will”.

At the time, The image was mocked by netizens and even by the then-suspended mayor of the city, Daniel Quintero, who replied ironically “Very good Mayor🏅”.

It seems that everyone, except Restrepo, had left behind the episode of this strange photograph. Nevertheless, The former commissioner took it upon himself to resurrect her this Wednesday on Twitter to dedicate some flattery to himself.

“This scene from the past sums up something that our society requires and that is totally current in our city: ‘authority instead of power, so that coexistence arises instead of crime,'” said the former official about his own photograph.

This trill took many netizens by surprise, considering the situation too absurd to have originated from Restrepo’s official account and not from a fake account. Other users expressed their astonishment at the idea of ​​the former commissioner making a fool of himself or speaking seriously about his authority. There were also those who highlighted the gesture on his face and compared it to a constipation patient or a rottweiler dog.

“I thought this publication was a meme published by a fake account, Mr. Restrepo,” journalist Juliana Ramírez Prado mentioned. I thought it was an account fake”, said the singer Adriana Lucía. “Hahahahahahahahaha I thought it was a parody account,” said renowned actor Diego Cadavid (@egocadavid). “When reality beats parody,” Félix de Bedout replied to Cadavid.

“I would have sworn, I would have put my hand in the fire, I would have bet a hand, that this was a fake account, a meme, a mockery. But no, it is the real account. This man seriously believes this. It’s unbelievable, inconceivable, ridiculous. Thank you for so many laughs Mr. Restrepo”, said the political scientist @alecortesarbe.

So far, Mayor Quintero —who regained his position after the June 19 elections, when the Attorney General’s Office considered that he could no longer participate in electoral politics— has not commented on the matter. However, since he very much enjoys making fun of Restrepo – whom he called usurper at the timeit won’t be long before you join the fun.


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Juan Camilo Restrepo shared his photo in a “heroic” pose and teasing rained down on him