Juan Miguel Prado, the man who filmed militants from a terrace in front of Cristina’s house

After the rigorous draw, the complaint filed by the three legislators from the ruling bloc was filed in the federal court in charge of Maria Eugenia Capuchetti. Speaking to Radio 10, Leopoldo Moreau, referring to the events that occurred last Saturday in front of the Vice President’s house, pointed out that the opposition alliance Together for Change (JxC) represents a “danger to social peace”.

The deputy revealed that the content of the complaint filed in the federal courts of Comodoro Py requires that it be determined whether there was a “violation of the Intelligence Law” in the presence of “policemen in different places taking pictures of the protesters”. And he recalled, in this sense, that the forces “can take pictures of their own actions” but they cannot “take images of demonstrators and even less so in a peaceful situation, which lasted for hours.”


Police of the City of Buenos Aires next to the house of Cristina Kirchner.

Ignatius Petunichi

“That means identifying citizens based on their adherence to a certain political, religious or social force, and that is expressly prohibited. Because with these images you can put together an archive of those citizens you are filming, and through the well-known biometric system that they manage in the City, also illegally, and identify your political opponents”he warned.

In this context, Moreau assured that they managed to identify one of the men who filmed the protesters from a terrace or balcony. “This is Juan Miguel Prado, who was an SIDE agent, later worked with Patricia Bullrich, and is a famous undercover witness who was used until recently by Clarín journalist Hugo Gambini to say that they were following prosecutor (Viviana) Fein , in the parody they have done with the famous song by (Alberto) Nisman”described.

“We want to know who this man works for now, if for the City Police”he added.

Over the weekend, shortly after the photos of a man with a helmet and vest taking photos from a terrace became known on social networks, the journalists Pablo Duggan and Raul “Tuny” Kollmann posted messages and more photos of John Michael Prado with Patricia Bullrich. The alleged spy would also be a former Army major.

On your Facebook profile, John Michael Prado introduces himself as former president of the Association of Scholars of Japan in Argentina and informs that he worked as an Army Officer of the Infantry Weapon in the Argentine Army, that he studied Infantry Second Lieutenant in the Military College of the Nation and that he did high school at the Institute Vincent Pallotti.

In addition, it replicates messages on its networks against the trials for memory, truth and Justice, it coincides with the phrase “It wasn’t 30,000” detainees who disappeared during the dictatorship and honors deceased former soldiers from La Tablada, such as the first lieutenant Ricardo Alberto “Wilfy” Rolon. “What the hell is the use of “Swearing for the Homeland until you lose your life”, if when you do it, for this society, its heroes are soccer players who live in Europe and pay taxes in tax havens. And its Illustrious Citizens are singers and actors who They take advantage of poverty and social differences, vacationing in Cuba in some European hotel with a private beach, but they don’t return to Argentina, without going through their Iphone at the Apple Store on Lincoln Road, in Miami. !!!!”, wrote John Michael Prado.


In other posts he shows himself as an admirer of American culture, wine and motorcycles and as a fanatic follower of the carapintada and former candidate for president Juan José Centurión, furiously anti-Kirchnerist and mobilizing in the Obelisk in the opposition calls during the mandatory quarantine. He also leaves recurring messages on his profile against Alberto Fernández, Cristina Kirchner, Alex Kicillof, Jorge Taiana, Roberto Baradel and other political leaders.

At the same time, specialist security sources doubt the leafy record of John Michael Pradoas a former soldier and spy, since he published his personal email address and his WhatsApp contact number in public view – on his Facebook page.

In the second judicial presentation, the leaders accompanied “protesters who have denounced having been filmed before the National Justice Crime Chamber”for “aggravated coercion and public intimidation”, which is nothing more than the repression suffered on Saturday.

Moreau said that the head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, “is a puppet” because, “in addition to governing for a group of Twitter haters, he shows that he is not in a position to govern anything.” “Imagine if they return to power and have control of all federal forces”pointed out the deputy of the Front of All.

In dialogue with Radio 10, Moreau maintained that society “he got fed up with managing Commodore Pro”in a play on words that relates the macrismo with the courts located on Comodoro Py avenue, in Retiro.

The legislator was concerned because last night, “when there was practically no one in Cristina Kirchner’s house, suddenly three blocks of assault cars, 2 fire hydrants, 20 motorcycles” and infantrymen appeared. For Moreau, “That was because yesterday they had a terrible mess inside the PRO” after the head of the party, Patricia Bullrich, said that “once the fences are put up they cannot be lifted” and criticized Larreta. “That gave Rodríguez Larreta a terrible scare,” that sought to “demonstrate that he drives the street,” argued the legislator.

“They are a bunch of crazy people. They are irresponsible“, said Moreau, who added that “they are a danger to social peace” and that “due to an internal conflict between (former minister Patricia) Bullrich, (Mauricio) Macri and Larreta they can cause an irreparable situation.”

Juan Miguel Prado, the man who filmed militants from a terrace in front of Cristina’s house