Kcho López shares some secrets of No Te Duermas

The story of Do not sleep (NTD), one of the programs with the largest audience on Puerto Rican television, will be reflected on the big screen, with the premiere of the documentary Mondays at 9under the direction of Kcho Santiagoone of the producers of the space.

The film, which premieres in theaters on November 17, seeks to expose behind-the-scenes events, to encourage its reception by the audience.

“Many people see what is seen on the air, what they read in a magazine or in a newspaper, but many times they do not know all the things that happen or the things that happen behind the camera,” Santiago commented on the need to reflect an untold story.

With recreated scenes, testimonials and footage from the original production, the tour goes back to 1990 in SuperSiete, until the end of 1991, when the program commanded by Antonio Sanchez “The Gangster”makes the leap to Telemundo Puerto Rico, until 2008 when it ended.

There will be eight scenes recreated with the participation of actors such as Marcos Carlos Cintrón, who gives life to Sánchez, as well as Carlos Vega, Ángel Figueroa, Anoushka Medina and José Félix Gómez, among others.

Kcho López, director of the film. >Supplied

“We did a mixture of many things that happened to us. So many things happened to us and we didn’t have the time to recreate everything… Among the scenes, there is when Tony has a stroke in a meeting, the picket that the religious made us in front of the channel”, revealed the director.

The scriptwriters of the project, Jorge González, David Noris and Kcho himself, tried not to border on parody and do justice to the history of the program that opened doors to dozens of artists.

The concept, started in 1990 under the production of Gabriel Suau, created memorable characters from popular culture such as Cuco Pasurín, Pepín Galarza, Super Moncho, Kiko Jones, Doctor Selástraga and Minga y Petraca (by Johnny Ray), among others.

Lourdes Collazo, Sandra Vanessa, Jailene Cintrón, Yizette Cifredo, Laura Hernández and Daniela Droz they came to share driving with Sánchez.

could be extended to a series

The project was proposed by Karlo Cabrera, who also produced the Don’t sleep show at the Puerto Rico Coliseum. Initially, Santiago had imagined a television project or for some streaming platform, however, it was transformed into a film for the cinema.

The limitation in terms of duration caused a lot of material from the program to be left out, so Santiago and the production team talk about turning it into a television series.

“We have so much material that we have even been talking about a series, because there is a lot of material and it can be taught and people may be interested,” the director revealed to THE SPOKESPERSON.

On the other hand, after directing his first film production, Santiago is preparing for his next film. He will make it under the production of J & N Entertainment and expects to premiere in 2024.

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Kcho López shares some secrets of No Te Duermas