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Kevin Smith defends his tearful reaction image of Black Panther 2 after fan backlash, acknowledging that he is a very emotional person.

Although many viewers found themselves moved to tears by the film, Kevin Smith has to defend his tearful reaction to Black Panther: Wakanda Forever after fan backlash. As well as being a famous independent filmmaker, Smith is well known for his love of comic books, owning his own comic book store, Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash, and dipping his toe into the genre directing episodes of The Flash and Supergirl. Smith has also been known to frequently share his reactions to new movies and shows on his social media, one of which has proven to be more divisive for his fans than others.

While appearing on Tom Segura’s Your Mom’s House podcast recently, Kevin Smith opened up about the backlash over his tearful reaction to Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Calling his photo “the least controversial thing you can put on the internet”, Smith admitted to being a “pretty emotional guy”, even more so after his heart attack, and that he thinks it can be cathartic “if it’s for a good reason”. See what Smith explained below:

I cried all my life for horrible reasons. But when you watch a movie, and it’s like AWW [grabs chest dramatically]and there’s a moment in Black Panther in the end credits sequence – I mean, it’s largely emotional, because Chadwick Boseman is dead… and it’s woven into the story… [The mid-credits scene] was crazy powerful, so good and so emotionally satisfying that they could have literally aired it like the whole movie, made me pay double… and I would have been like ‘this was the best fucking picture I’ve seen .’ I long ago started taking pictures of myself when I was crying and posting them… I did this once and a lot of people responded very positively to it – some people were very upset about it, like ‘you’re a grown man, what are you doing?’ – I think I cried at Captain Marvel… – It’s kind of a tradition, I do it all the time, and it got so stereotypical that I posted a picture the other day for Wakanda Forever, and one tweet was like ‘this must be a Kevin Smith parody account, because this is too on point’… there’s about 30,000 likes, and for 24 hours straight I’ve been trending , people were just ripping me apart, shredding the f**k me… number 1, they get mad that I even cried watching what they call a kids movie.

Why Kevin Smith Posts His Crying Reactions to Movies

In the same interview, Smith then revealed the real reason he keeps posting his tearful reactions to the movies, recalling how he was a bit embarrassed after the first time around, but was moved by a young fan who told him. approached during a comic strip. -Con after his first post. The fan revealed he similarly cries while watching movies and would get ‘the shit beat up’ by his friends, although once he showed someone like Smith also got emotional in the movies, he was beaten less. The filmmaker of Tusk would think that if publishing the image can “do [someone’s] life easier”, then it’s worth “a lot of people talking bullshit”.

As he notes, Smith is well known for being a genuine person in the film industry, never holding back his feelings on any subject matter, whether it’s a positive reaction akin to his Black Panther: Wakanda Forever at the negativity from Harvey Weinstein holding Dogma’s broadcasting rights hostage to him. The Marvel Cinematic Universe sequel isn’t the first time he’s shown his emotions to the public either, frequently posting footage of him crying while watching a movie, while recently sharing a tearful tribute to Batman: The Dead. actor of the animated series Kevin Conroy following his passage. While his fans may have received backlash from fans, the ultimate reason Smith released his tearful reactions to the movies is heartwarming.

Smith isn’t the only one who was moved by Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, especially with its mid-credits scene. The MCU sequel originally ended with Shuri having a moment of silence for her brother, played by the late Chadwick Boseman, with the mid-credits seeing her introduced to her and Nakia’s secretive son, Toussaint, with the audience receiving an emotional double punch when he reveals his Wakandan name is T’Challa, establishing a new legacy for the late hero. Those who want to rewatch the film’s emotional moments can rewatch Black Panther: Wakanda Forever in theaters now.

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