King Carlo “speaks” the Romagna dialect, and it is Parmiani

A series of videos in which Charles of England, while fulfilling his royal duties, “speaks” dubbed in the Romagna dialect … Gianni Parmiani, actor from Lugo much loved in Romagna and beyond, began making them for fun, shortly after the death of Queen Elizabeth and the subsequent entry into office of Charles as King, while watching the ceremony on TV.

There must have been few videos, as Parmiani himself writes, “Parchè e ‘zug de burdël ha from rèssar curt e bël “but they immediately went viral (only the first video reached 100 thousand views) and, given the great affection and copious requests received, Gianni was happily “forced” to continue: the videos to date have become almost a dozen , the last one a few days ago… and we hope they won’t stop!

“The requests are very numerous and very kind. Thank you! – Parmiani writes on Facebook – I tried to resist, but I couldn’t. So… here’s another episode of the series (And if you don’t like it… Patience! So learn to insist!) ”Jokes the actor.

But in addition to entertaining, these small video pills have also brought with them an important secondary aspect, that is, they have helped to focus the spotlight on the Romagna dialect, an endangered vernacular that is instead very important to pass on as the guardian of traditions and history. local. “Many young people of the new generations (perhaps because using it through Facebook, ed) got curious and showed the videos to their parents and grandparents – Parmiani tells us on the phone, pleasantly surprised at the unexpected turn that the thing has taken – and many others wrote to me, intrigued by some dialectal terms, to know what meant “. When it is said, in short, that ‘not all social networks come to harm’ …

All the videos of the ‘King Charles series’: click to see them from 1 to 9

Gianni Parmiani

Bagnacavallo February 20, 1960. Always on the scene, nourishing an ancient family tradition that is still perpetuated, Gianni Parmiani began acting very young in the Theater Group “La Compagine” – established in San Lorenzo di Lugo in 1973 and of which he still does part – sharing the path of research experimented by the Company in the field of theater in the Romagna dialect. Together with his brother Paolo, with whom he has lived (for a lifetime!) A fruitful artistic partnership, he has been able to blend tradition, popular culture and cabaret, dedicating himself with continuity and dedication to both dialect and language theater.

Author of texts for the theater (both in language and in the vernacular), he provides consultancy in the school environment and holds theater workshops for children, teenagers and adults. He was a reciting voice in concerts for schools, developing storytelling techniques in the field of fairytale / concert. Since October 2015 he has been a member of the Scientific Committee for the safeguarding, enhancement and transmission of Emilia-Romagna dialects and since February 2017 he has collaborated with the weekly Settesere Qui, writing short stories that are published, every two weeks, in the column “Raccontino of the evening “.

In September 2017, called by the director and playwright Marco Martinelli to interpret, together with Gigi Dall’Aglio, the play “Greetings from Brescello”, written by Martinelli himself and chosen to represent Emilia-Romagna as part of the colossal project “Portrait di una Nazione “(part one) staged at the Argentina Theater in Rome, shared the stage of the National Theater with actors of the caliber of Giuseppe Battiston, Roberto Citran, Maddalena Crippa, Michele Di Mauro, Davide Enia, Francesca Mazza, Paolo Mazzarelli , Lino Musella, Filippo Nigro, Ulderico Pesce, Michele Placido, Arianna Scommegna and Vitaliano Trevisan. He was among the “guest actors” of the company “Teatro delle Albe” of Ravenna who on 23 November 2017 staged (at the Storchi Theater in Modena) the “Va Pensiero” by Marco Martinelli, the show which, successfully received by critics and audiences, has been represented in the most prestigious Italian theaters and that, also in the 2018-2019 season, will continue the national tour.

In autumn 2018 he will again be the protagonist (always in the role of Don Camillo) of the theatrical short “Saluti da Brescello”, this time paired with Luigi Dadina (Peppone), directed by Marco Martinelli, which will make its debut at the “Rasi” theater of Ravenna on 17 September.

King Carlo “speaks” the Romagna dialect, and it is Parmiani-mania: the dubbing videos of the Lughese actor go viral, “what!” –