“La Cuisse du steward”: to be tasted without delay!

A revival of a play created in 1990 with Jacqueline Maillan, this new production directed by the actress Joséphine de Meaux and the philosopher Mériam Korichi, surrounded by a line-up of very good actors, is a delightful appetizer and a laugh at our little anthropophagic disasters. A delicious tribute to the author Jean-Michel Ribes, who is currently finishing his last season at the Théâtre du Rond-Point.

Vaudeville at 3600 m altitude

Jean-Michel Ribes likes to twist reality and transform the most dramatic situations into gritty comedies. His plays seize current events, more or less anecdotal, sometimes very political, to extract the bitterness of a Rabelaisian laugh, devoid of any moral control, but full of humanity, freedom and fantasy. In October 1972, a Uruguayan plane bound for Santiago in Chile crashed into a glacier in the Andes Cordillera with 45 people on board, mostly students and university rugby players who had come to play a match. in Chile. History records that due to difficult climatic conditions and constant snowfall, the rescuers abandoned their search after about ten days, but that survivors managed to entrench themselves, due to the extreme cold, in the carcass of the ship. ‘device. Sixteen people will survive, having concluded the possibility, with the other passengers and in a gesture of survival, that they will be able to feed on the flesh of the bodies preserved by the cold.

The power of theater

In the room, in the middle of a thick coat of diaphanous foam, celestial snow that looks like a cloud of paradise (beautiful scenography by Constance Arizzoli) Yvonne Barnette, played by the explosive Joséphine de Meaux, tries to organize her camp in altitude. This provincial bourgeois, owner of a tea room, decided to recompose another reality with good humor and devastating energy, organizing the cooking of packets of frozen almonds, creating clothes with bits of foam from armchairs of plane, and directing her grumbling husband with a wand and an incompressible patter. Jean-Luc Vincent, who plays Lionel the husband, wrapped up in brightly colored clothes, cannot stop his wife’s sweet madness ignited by the great cold and decides to sulk. Except when the hunger that torments him makes him think of warming the athletic thigh of the steward for their next meal, while his wife would have liked to keep this muscular flesh for their next Christmas!


But marital boredom is quickly swept away by the surprising arrival of two other survivors, Toups, played by Bastien Ehouzan, and Bob, Robert Hatisi, a revolutionary ideologue from the Putchicador and his favorite composer, who will provide Yvonne with the illusion of a cause to defend, a world to rebuild, which she will do in a second part of the play in the form of a parody of a South American utopia, between the Amazon jungle and divas reincarnated as giant birds with supporting songs . The success of this show in the form of a living comic book is due here to the quality of the acting of the actors who serve with great energy, an inventive talent, the text in a staging as mischievous as it is provocative. Coming for some from a companionship with the troupe The Dogs of Navarre, all the artists sign here a moment of celebration, play and fantasy, an ode to physical freedom and derision. A breath of creativity to salute.

Helen Kuttner

“La Cuisse du steward”: to be tasted without delay! – Artistikrezo