La Gaiata seis exalts its commission in a spectacular presentation

With an impressive setting, recreating a mayan templethe Gaiata Six, Farola-Ravalet, presented this icy Saturday to the members of its major and children’s commissions for the Magdalena festivities of 2023.

Teresa del Carmen Cumba, Paula Garcia Y Adrian Gil, godmothers and child president together with Esteban Gualthe president, saw their dream come true and they did so in a presentation full of work, illusion and the fun ingenuity of a script that managed to combine ‘les festes de Castelló’ with a jungle setting, in an adventure to find the stones with to forge a new dressing for the queen of the parties.

A staging that masterfully combined the interpretations of Pere Montanes Y Vanessa Perezone of the architects of this assembly, with the colorful choreographies who took care to the last detail of the clothing of their colorful wardrobe where there was no lack of brave warriors or tropical birds of considerable size.

so with Maria Garcilopez as voice-over, introducing the Commission membersthe framework of the comic in which the two people from Castellón went to Mexico to get the precious stones after the loss of the royal dressing, gradually took shape.

In a Palau whose boxes hung more than two hundred lianas to transport spectators to that jungle setting, the godmothers of past editions and city ​​ladies 2023, Daniella Gimeno Y Camila Castelluccio accompanied by the child president of the long years of pandemic Manuel Lumbreras and the vice president Fermin Alegrewere the first to fill the stage, presided over by a temple of more than six meters.

An entrance, yes, preceded by the standard bearers, Sergio Hernandez and Juan Cabello and the collaborators, pending everything and being that discreet but key gear so that everything goes as planned: Mar Manrique, Judith Quintero, Paula Bollado, Ana Babiloni, Martina Pradas and Desiree Gavara.

After shift for Bridesmaids: Natalia Flores, Maria Lumbreras, Claudia Beltrán, Nerea Ibáñez, Laura Soto, Clara Sanz, Saray Traver and Claudia Ortuñoaccompanied by Dídac García, Iván Vivas, Samuel Bau, Iván Miralles, Marc García, Héctor Vicente, Mario Tárrega and Ramón Guiñón.

And in between, the appearances of the protagonists in a script in which from the call of the mayoress to announce the election of the queen to the budget of the party councillor, Omar Braina, had their peculiar parody.

A special moment was also the turn of the children’s commission in which the little ones Lledo Escrig Y Hugo Siemmerup on stage in their arms, opened the large representation that guarantees the future of this sector. Noa Queral, Marina Bueno, Paula Bueno, Meritxell Manrique, Emma Vilar, Jiména Pradas, Alba Planells, Amanda Marmaneu and Pilar Gimenoaccompanied by Enzo Queral, Víctor Gil, Jorge Gual, Guillermo García and Nicolás Cabellothey finished filling the remote recreated environment with color from Castellón.

With everything, impositions of bands and protocol offerings dotted with emotional goodbyes and more than one surprise to the sound of drums for the new charges, the night passed in a staging that ended with the ‘llum de les Gaiates’ as shared treasure to recover the emeralds.

An unforgettable night for the Gaiata sis and that closes a month of January with only four presentations pending for the arrival of the long-awaited Cupcake of 2023.

La Gaiata seis exalts its commission in a spectacular presentation