La Nación / “Pedro undercover”: Coral Gabaglio felt at home with the production of HEi Films

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Paraguayan actress Coral Gabaglio has an extensive acting career in Argentina. She herself is part of the cast of the first Paraguayan comedy film “Pedro undercover: un amor encubierto”, this being her first experience in the national cinema. The actress in a talk with La Nación / Nación Media recounted her experience in the filming of the popular film that heads the box office in Paraguayan theaters and claimed to have felt at home.

“Pedro undercover came to me from the hand of Vicky Ramírez (producer), I was in Buenos Aires, she told me that she was in the pre of a movie, that there was a role that she thought was for me, well it hit her in the eye because once I read the character of Monse I identified a lot, I had a lot of fun, I love making humor and well, that’s where we started the negotiations so that I could come to work here, everything happened that way, “said Coral Gabaglio for The Nation/Middle Nation.

The Paraguayan actress highlighted how Vicky Ramírez opted for her acting work. “We have known each other for a few years, we always had the fantasy that I could make fiction here in Paraguay, this was the opportunity,” she explained. On the other hand, Ella Coral stated that she had fun during the filming of the movie under the production of HEi Films. “It was really nice to see that work of those moments, of so much fun, hilarity, of those connections, captured on the giant screen, because what humor has is that it connects you with the moment,” she pointed out.

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Coral stated that she would work a thousand times more with Lali González. Photo: Courtesy.

“Pedro fulfilled all his objectives, it is a film for people, for laughter, so I am happy,” he emphasized. The actress who plays Monse recalled some anecdotes during the film. “Everything behind the camera is a lot of fun, because when you’re recording, you’re having fun with the partners, you’re having fun with the directors, with all the people who are working,” she said.

“When you finish recording, the jokes of the jokes begin to occur, from behind the scenes, with the companions, in the moments of waiting and the experience that I had was pure laughter all the time, when I was recording, the comic scenes were produced that made us all laugh, it was a party, “he said.

About sharing scenes with Lali González, Coral indicated that working with her is fresh. “We are both Capricorns, so we are both very similar in the sense that when we have to work, we work, we get serious and then we laugh to death. It was a real pleasure to work with Lali, I would work with her a thousand times”, he confessed.

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About her experience in national cinema, Coral stated: “there is nothing like being with your people.” Photo: Courtesy.

“What is happening in the country seems beautiful to me, this industry that is emerging, the way it is working, the predisposition to work and for the machinery to pick up speed, I am happy. I am excited to see how after one project there is already another project, there are no strikes, the artistic issue is not easy here in Paraguay, because the state support that should exist for culture does not yet exist,” Coral Gabaglio commented for LN/ NM.

The Paraguayan actress also stressed that it was a discovery to work with the Paraguayan production after working with Argentine productions such as “Atrevidas”, “Trato”, among others. The artist affirmed that she felt in her house. “I saw that everything was so well organized, so well put together, I think it was one of the shoots that I enjoyed the most, because there is nothing like being with your people,” she said.

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La Nación / “Pedro undercover”: Coral Gabaglio felt at home with the production of HEi Films