La Nación / “Pedro undercover”: “I haven’t laughed so much in a movie theater in a while,” says a critic

“Wait, stop everything! I just saw ‘Pedro undercover’, a Paraguayan film”, Jorge Núñez exclaims euphorically in a video he recorded with his phone, as soon as he left the cinema. In the one and a half minute clip, the singer-songwriter and youtuber shows that he has just left Cinemark and enthusiastically praises the Paraguayan comedy as he walks down a corridor of Paseo La Galería.

“First of all, it’s refreshing to see a Paraguayan movie again feeling the Paraguayan, worth what I said, the way of speaking, seeing these scenarios here in Asunción and other cities of Paraguay… but, please, what a movie! !” Celebrates Núñez, who recorded the video on September 5 and which exceeds 10,000 views on his TikTok channel, which he also posted on his Twitter and YouTube.

“This is a comedy that really makes you laugh from the beginning until the end of the film, which is obviously understood to be a comedy, in fact, it is a parody, really, well done, where you understand what it is, but what it doesn’t lose the moments of tension, it has a good variation of the moments of tension, a police parody, of mobsters, but it’s so well done”, says Núñez, while passing scenes from the trailer on a split screen.

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In the final part of the audiovisual, he promises a more complete review for his channel. Tererepoliswhere he has published other video comments about Paraguayan film premieres and about international productions: “I am going to do my entire program for YouTube because this film deserves it and really well, applause, a fresh film, without all the bullshit (excuse the word ) progress that we are seeing,” he said.

“And you feel a breath of fresh air from a movie like this. Excellent, I laughed a lot. I haven’t laughed so much in a movie theater in a while. Excellent, excellent, I hope that this film, people come to see it because it is worth it”, concludes his opinion on “Pedro undercover: un amor encubierto”, which premiered in national theaters on September 1, which led the box office during its first week and continues on the billboard.

“Pedro undercover: un amor encubierto” is a new bet for Paraguayan cinema and the fourth production of HEi Films, which fuses action, comedy and romance. It is already in theaters across the country. It stars Enrique Pavón and Lali González, as well as the well-known Argentine humorist Yayo Guridi.

The filming of “Pedro undercover: un amor encubierto” took place on location in Asunción, Luque, the Lambareña community of Puerto Pabla and Chaco’i. Robert Rodríguez is the general director of the film, the script was in charge of Alejandro Cabral and the acting direction is by Fátima Fernández Centurión.

Pedro (Enrique Pavón) is an anti-drug agent who hates criminals and his goal in life is to get Paraguay to lower its crime rate to 0%. During a confrontation he is injured and in the hospital he meets Ángela (Lali González), with whom he falls in love. In the process of recovering, Ángela convinces Pedro to accompany her to visit her family.

Upon arrival, Pedro discovers that Ángela’s father is Juan Narváez (Yayo Guridi), formerly known as El Carnicero, a criminal boss who decided to leave the life of crime to dedicate himself to ranching. From then on, endless tense situations break out between Pedro and Juan, which will put family relationships and the future of the new couple to the test.

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La Nación / “Pedro undercover”: “I haven’t laughed so much in a movie theater in a while,” says a critic