‘La que se avecina’ loses color in its move to the center, weighed down by the duration of its episodes

Is right Alberto Caballero when you insist on the big shock What will the reset that will live mean for the viewers? The one that is coming in its thirteenth season. The historic neighbors of Montepinar viewpoint they move to a building in the center of Madrid, leaving behind the peculiarities of the suburbs to embark on new adventures within the jungle metropolis.

Alberto Caballero remodels ‘LQSA’: “If what happened with José Luis Gil had happened before renewing, perhaps we would not have continued”

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The series sheds its skin and, as in any move, it will take time to adapt to their new circumstances. And it is that the arrival to the new sets, and the introduction of new characters, shake up fiction from its first chapters to making it, in substance and form, practically unrecognizable at times.

The one that is coming has started this Friday, November 18, its new stage in Amazon Prime Video (in Telecinco will air on Monday 21 only the first episode of the batch) with Antonio Recio leaving prison after serving his sentence for gagging a Pablo Iglesias, whose ponytail was cut in the midst of his threats to stop the expropriation of their homes. Upon his release from prison, the character played by Jordi Sanchez is reunited with Bertha (Nathalie Seseña)who accompanies him to discover the new property where all the neighbors have gone to live during their confinement.

“La que se vecina” is “turned off” in its new phase

From the hand of Jordi Sánchez, we are gradually getting to know the new locations of the Mediaset series. And that is where we get the first surprise, since it is striking how fiction is unable to show off the impressive sets that were built for its new journey and that was able to visit watch TV a few weeks ago in the company of Alberto Caballero himself.

In pursuit of providing greater realism to the scenery, The one that is coming opt for a sober and subdued lighting that take away all the color that gave off fiction, and that brought to television the comic book spirit of that Barnacle Street by Francisco Ibanez. The series tries to adapt to the visual invoice that audiovisuals demand today, but it loses the character of sitcom What made her so relatable.

The production is also strange, with some camera movements inside the houses that, although it seems to want to bring us closer to the characters, manages to get us out of the code to which the production has accustomed us.

Fiction gain credibility with the decorations of the façade and the street, who are finally located in a real exterior and what they manage to do to us forget the ‘papier-mache’ that squeaked so much until now in Mirador de Montepinar. Of course, the carelessness of the Caballero brothers’ team becomes inexplicable with the overexposure of some shots that ‘burn’ the image on more than one occasion.

The ballast of the 80 minutes

The jump that The one that is coming gave two years ago to the platforms, hand in hand with Amazon Prime Video, it was the perfect occasion for the series to reduce the duration of its episodes. This is something that, more than once, even their creators have asked to be able to work on some scripts that underpin the beat that comedy requires. Even more so when it comes to a sitcom as crazy as the one they have in hand.

However, the series is still required to be 80 long minutes, designed, a priori, for its broadcast in the open through Telecinco. This condemns LQSA a a slower, less-paced final product that today’s audience is hard to believe will ever tolerate. In times of the ephemeral and immediacy, and in which television fiction is turning towards more compact footage (similar to those proposed by the American industry), it is difficult to understand how one does not end up taking the step and allowing the Caballeros to work in smaller chapters that let comedy shine in all its effervescence.

The ‘Montepinarians’ mark the pulse

In its first chapters, to which verTele has been able to access, The one that is coming it recognizes itself when it places the weight of its plots on the ‘Montepinarians’. In this way, Jordi Sanchez (especially in the first chapter), Fernando Tejero (Fermin) Y Pablo Chiapella (Amador) they throw the series on their backs, starring in the funniest moments of this new start. It also stands out with a note Petra Martinez (Doña Fina) in her role as a relentless agitator for the community.

Alberto Caballero also asked for patience from the fans of The one that is coming for new characters joining the series. And although in the early stages of the season only a few of them are introduced to us, everything points to the fact that the new neighbors will end up functioning as the perfect counterpoint to make veterans shinewho will try to unite in the face of the hostilities that are presented to them.

On the other hand, fiction slips by maintaining some clichés that we already thought forgotten. fall into the stereotype the “Andalusian chacha” with Logi (Margarita Asquerino) It seemed something that had been overcome years ago, when it was common to see characters as stigmatized as Juani on television, from Family doctor (with the Madrid actress Luisa Martín forcing the accent) or Manuela, from Ana and the seven.

They also squeak gags like putting the Romanian Raluka (Esther Soto) as a pickpocket in the Plaza Mayor or trite homophobic jokes about the passage of Recio through the prison showers. The new plot of Yoli (Look Ibarguren), dealing with his overweight and his mother’s concerns (Menchu, Loles Leon) due to the difficulties that, supposedly, he will have to find love. Embracing parody as a social portrait is not always easy or successful.

The beautiful tribute to José Luis Gil

Jose Luis Gil It will be one of the great casualties of the new season of The one that is cominggiven that the actor who gives life to Enrique Pastor is still recovering from cerebral stroke who suffered just a year ago. Alberto Caballero confessed, during his recent interview with verTelethat if this had happened before signing the renewal of the series with Amazon and Mediaset, “we probably would not have continued.”

And it is that Gil has been the only actor in the franchise that has come out from the first chapter of There is no one living here to the last of The one that is coming released to date. For this reason, the Knights they wanted me to continueat least with his voice, in a special intervention that the interpreter will do at the start of each episode. The actor will also be honored with the affectionate mentions that some of the characters will have towards the long-awaited Enrique Pastor, whose departure (hopefully temporary) from fiction is very well justified.

The best: an untapped potential

Few remember that, in its first season, The one that is coming was warmly received by an audience that saw that the shadow of There is no one living here it was very long. It took the series five years to find itself and bust the gauges with seasons that exceeded 4 million viewers average.

Mediaset was right to arm itself with patience and give comedy the time it needed to finish finding its own label. Now this new change of scenery can be used to revitalize a series whose formula seemed to show signs of exhaustion in its last seasons.

The one that is coming now has all the ingredients to bring out its best version. On the one hand, some decorations to match that, with good technical sense, they must explode. For another, some fresh themes and current ones that can give a lot of play from the script, which is helped by the introduction of new spaces inside and outside the building, such as the central courtyard, Bruno’s ‘cafebrería’ or Greta’s pharmacy. Special mention for that ‘airbnb’ of Lola run by Fermín, a fantastic idea to revitalize the life of the community. And finally, an exceptional cast that is found again in its choral scenes with that roar and collective delirium that returns to the series that much-needed rhythm.

In short, the moving boxes have just been opened and everything will have to be put in its proper place. Just a few weeks ago The one that is coming was awarded the Ondas Award for Best Comedy Series “for having revolutionized comedy in Spain and having created a unique universe capable of reinventing itself over the years and connecting with several different generations.” Fiction must entrust itself to the cause of this recognition and convince itself that it is capable of bringing out its best version in the two seasons that still remain in front. The one that is coming it just needs time. And a few shorter episodes, please.

‘La que se avecina’ loses color in its move to the center, weighed down by the duration of its episodes