Laurent Ournac: Adeline (My incredible fiancé) totally ghosted by the actor, “I was very disappointed”

Today a successful actor on TF1 thanks to the series Camping Paradise launched in 2006, it is quickly forgotten that the career of Laurent Ournac really took off in 2005 thanks to his performance in My amazing fiancé.

Remember, in this show which took on the appearance of an XXL hidden camera in order to parody dating programs at the time (The Bachelor, Greg the Millionaire), Laurent Ournac embodied Adeline’s false fiancé, as clumsy as he was macho, and both had to get her parents to accept their marriage.

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Laurent Ournac totally ghosted Adeline from My amazing fiancé

A program which had been a huge success at the time of its broadcast, but which unfortunately did not mark the beginning of a beautiful friendship between the two false fiancés. During an interview given to 20 minutesAdeline (now named Angelina Toffoli) on the contrary confessed that she no longer had any contact with her former partner.

We saw each other many times before the broadcast, we were very, very closeyet recalled the former candidate. I thought I had won a friend for life, we also said that we would never leave each other“. But then, why has the situation changed? Fame would have made Laurent Ournac’s head spin a little.

When it aired, nothing went as planned.she clarified. The success was great, Laurent saw that he could continue there, he seized opportunities and he understood that he had to separate from me in his trajectory.“An incomprehensible way of doing things for Angelina,”It was quite difficult for me because I didn’t understand why we couldn’t be friends anymore.“, which she took a long time to digest, “There’s a job for everyone, just because he decides to do stuff with TF1 doesn’t mean we can’t be friends anymore“.

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“I was very disappointed”

Revelations that could disappoint fans of Tom’s interpreter as they go against the benevolent image that we can have of him and a behavior that has done a lot of harm to Angelina, “This is where I was very disappointed, he cut ties as he went along, he remained unreachable and it stayed like that…

If today the former star of the show has turned the page and works in an aesthetic center for new technologies, this does not prevent her from continuing to regret the turn of their relationship. According to her words, she and the actor were totally fused during filming in February 2005: “As we were only the two of us, I only had him because I was isolated in my room, they came to get me only to play totally improvised scenes with him (…) so there was really a strong attachment.

It remains to be seen whether Laurent Ournac will (finally) be forgiven for his behavior, even though M6 will return to the success of My amazing fiancé this Monday, August 8, 2022 in the show 20 years of love on television.

Laurent Ournac: Adeline (My incredible fiancé) totally ghosted by the actor, “I was very disappointed”