lead ghosts

2022 saved the best for last. Great cinema in serial version. Presented in Cannes, premiered on Italian television a few weeks ago and recently awarded an EFA award, on December 20 it reached filming Outside Nightthe series in six episodes with which the veteran marco bellocchio83 years old and with more than 30 films behind him, retraced his steps to resume the chronicle of the kidnapping and murder in 1978 of Aldo Moro, leader of the Christian Democrats and a key figure in Italian post-war politics whose captivity in the hands of of the Red Brigades had already dedicated the extraordinary good morning, night (2003).

A return that, far from repeating or stretching the formula, finds in six intense and vibrant hours of footage and in an original polyhedral structure and circular, indebted to that essential book on the subject that is The Moro casefrom Leonardo Sciasciathe ideal way to narrate the event, its antecedents and consequences from the enjambment of points of view and the intimate portrait of characters who, from Moro himself to the members of the commando that participated in the kidnapping, from Pope Paul VI his wife Noretta and the Minister of the Interior Francesco Cossigacomplete the socio-political picture of a convulsed Italy that was then experiencing its most violent years of lead beset by the complexity of its balances of power and the revolts in support of the continuing terrorist actionsa scenario in which More had become the scapegoat after his initiative to include the PCI in government.

if in The traitor Bellocchio became the best chronicler of the recent history of Italy in his portrait of the repentant mafioso Thomas Buscettaa key figure in revealing the inner workings of the Cosa Nostra and his first great collective trial, in outside night Director of hands in pockets either the devil in the body delves into the sinister foundations of the Italian politician understood as a great grotesque theater populated by traitors, cowards and ghosts. After the years of militancy, the Bellocchio of today does not seem to have any doubts about the existence of good ones in the battle between power dynamics and revolutionary utopias. The hangover of May 68 was too long in a country always unstable between political maneuvers, the weight of the church and the strength of a youth so inflamed by the old communist dogmas as wrong in their actions and strategies. Today’s Bellocchio is more interested in those historical figures, their intimate circumstancesits lights and its shadows, ghosts of the past whom he observes in their doubts, fears, dreams and nightmares to unravel History in capital letters and its projection in the present. outside night thus follows the lucid, philosophical, devout and maniacal Moro, his wife in full crisis, the sinister Andreotti or the friend and traitor Cossiga, the Pope in his illness or the terrorists trapped between dogmatism, obedience and an awareness of error, tracing between them the fixed photo of a traumatic historical moment that the filmmaker, as Sciascia also intuited almost immediately, understands as a great lost opportunity for the stability and advancement of a country that has later seen how the mafia or the berlusconismboth mounts, have degraded institutions and society to unsuspected extremes.

But sterno night It is also a true treatise on how to tell and reconstruct the past without a hint of imposture and stiffness, a feast of interpretations and characterizations where Fabrizio Gifuni, Margherita Buy, Toni ServilloFausto Russo Alessi, Fabrizio Contri, Daniela Marra or the innumerable secondaries that run through it confirm Bellocchio’s mastery of modulating and unifying tones, especially when it comes to bringing out the sinister shadow of phantasmagoria beyond the masks and reasonable resemblances. Also in the brilliant solutions o speculative exercises that redouble, reinterpret or even rewrite real events with effective dramatic freedom. Thus, the series opens and closes with a sequence that is quite a declaration of intent: Moro did not die in the trunk of that car parked on Via Caetani, equidistant from the headquarters of the DC and the PCI, but was released to shame a degraded and corrupt party and light up the future of an entire nation.

There is no better defense than a good offense

Daughter of the times, the series Self defense also disembarks in filming as a true exercise in youthful feminine pride and who knows if as a cunning provocation to gentlemen Y boomers (who are the ones who pay the subscription) in this new and profitable generational tag battle how good returns it continues to give to fictional capitalism.

Created by Berta Prieto and Belén Barenys from their own characters from streamingthe series that he co-writes and directs Miguel Angel Blanca follow in brief episodes-vignette the day to day of two girls self empowered as icons of the new happy and carefree life with a certain existentialist background: the sex, drugs, non-stop partying and their hangovers Thus are the pretexts for this portrait of customs where self-irony emerges at the expense of the parody of the masculine in its different incarnations of pathos, insecurity or frustration. heroines of comic undergroundBerta and Belén celebrate their friendshipher urban aesthetic, her tits, her hair and her self-confidence proof of moralists with quite a sense of format and some neon cinematographic notes, ghost sleepwalking and lysergy of boredom Perhaps we are wrong to interpret it in a sociological key. Self defense aspires to be the future of series for young people in search of mirrors.

The premiere of the week: ‘The novelist and her film’

It took time to reach our billboard and now his films are released regularly. Having become the most valued filmmaker by contemporary critics, the South Korean hong sangsoo brings us his second film of the year after the exquisite In front of youEast The novelist and her film where the meeting of three friends, one of them a writer and the other a filmmaker, triggers conversations about work, frustrations and their relationship under the classic effects of rice liquor.

lead ghosts