“Learning a new skill”: JoeyStarr makes fun of Kim Glow on Instagram

Who says new year, says new resolutions. For ex-reality TV star Kim Glow, it starts with an Instagram post. A “real” on the social network that made Joeystarr laugh.

She went from reality TV to Instagram. Kim Glow, real name Sophie Laune, was revealed in the Marseilles in Miami then continued with a dozen programs signed W9, before disappearing from the small screen. Strong and iconic personality, the 37-year-old young woman has decided to reveal her life, no longer on TV, but on her social networks. Very present on Instagram with no less than 1.2 million subscribers, she shares all her thoughts, even if it means subscribing to certain conspiracy theories. During confinement and the global Covid-19 pandemicwhile she was stranded in Tunisia, she was alarmed: “Everyone passes the ping-pong ball to each other. After a while, I don’t understand why there isn’t a military plane repatriating us. It’s funny two minutes, but it’s not our country here. It’s no joke here, it’s dictatorship. We need a military repatriation. What is Emmanuel Macron doing in France? We are stuck there. But is it a joke or what ?”.

Later, it was against France (and more precisely against its inhabitants) that the brunette uttered a rant, when she had just been insulted in the street:Here is this country of haters. Besides, not kids, they looked like they were in their thirties. You poor girls are sorry. I understand why everyone breaks, too much insecurity here”. And to ensure your safety by enrolling in shooting lessons: “Crazy world, forced to learn how to defend myself… I will shoot twice a week until I have mastered it perfectly”.

Kim Glow ready to learn a new skill?

Kim Glow therefore seems annoyed by several things, but also knows how to relax. While waiting for her new shocking revelations, she lent herself to the game of resolutions on Instagram. Thanks to an application, she came across her new resolution: “In 2023, I will… Learn a new skill“. Except that the former best friend of Shanna Kress does not seem to know the definition of the word “competence” and therefore finds himself in embarrassment in front of his mobile phone and his little dog in his arms. “Mom, how is she? Learning a new skill… a new skill… I didn’t get it. Wait, a skill?” she blurted somewhat confused.

After coming across this story, the agent, actor and screenwriter, Paul Deby, had fun taking it up by putting it in his own way. The latter, a bit mocking, therefore added, with a book in his hand and pretending to think: “What could she learn in 2023? Ah it’s hard… What could she learn?“. A parody posted on his Instagram accountliked by the artist Camille Lellouche or the actor Kevin Dias, but also reposted by Joeystarr himself. It remains to be seen whether Kim Glow will respond to this little tackle which is going around the Web and which therefore seems to make certain personalities laugh…

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