LEINI ‘- There will be two theatrical reviews that will animate the theatrical season of Leini’s «Pavarotti». “Palco Emozioni”, the main program, will start on November 12th and end on December 22nd. Four shows on the calendar ranging from comedy to musicals. There will also be a show for school children.

The curtain will open with a comedy dedicated to motherhood, “Mom … uncle !!!” With Federica Cifola. An ironic reflection on the role of mother also through the paths of some famous mothers in history, politics and current affairs. On November 19, she will once again take the stage of the Leinese theater Roberta Olivetti with the «Train of desires». Linda, a thirty-four-year-old penniless actress, embarks on a train journey to go to Naples, from her great love, now an ex. The desire is to reconcile with Filippo to continue writing that love story that has given her a lot but continues to make her suffer. A journey full of unexpected events and adventures between memories and encounters.
On 3 December it’s the turn of the duo Andrea Murchio and Alessia Olivetti in a musical with decidedly rock notes: it is the story of Rick Bradley, a veteran of the Vietnam war, who becomes a protester of power through a show on CBS – “ON AIR” – who , in a short time, he turns into a phenomenon of costume, but also that of his handyman muse Linda. A story through which to rediscover the great music of the golden age of rock, from the beginning of the 60s to the mid-70s. December 15 will be the turn of “Story of a balloon”, the show by Silvano Antonelli for school children. The curtain will close on December 22 with the show by Tiziana Foschi, former member of the Premiata Ditta, who returns to Leini with her show «Face another face» which tries to trigger a laugh, stimulate a thought, arouse a memory .. search for a new face to show.

In January and February, the mini amateur review “T’Amo” will start: on January 14, “La panchina”, by the Teat-Rino association, a story set in one place, the bench, on which 5 different stories unfold , all with a lowest common denominator, the truth. Homosexuality, addiction, clichés, the themes that develop within the show treated without shame and with the utmost authenticity. February 11 will be the time of a work by Alan Ayckbourn, directed by Luciano Caratto, “Sinceramente liars”: Ayckbourn builds an authentic masterpiece of virtuosity with the minimum of means, a trivial misunderstanding and two couples belonging to different generations . The result is a play with an irresistible comedy. Ginny and Greg are recently engaged, and Greg would like to marry her. But in Ginny’s apartment in London, Greg finds a pair of men’s slippers … The show closes on February 18 “The real inspector Hound” by Tom Stoppard, directed by Cristiano Falcomer, founder of Lunathica: the comedy is a sophisticated one parody of the yellow genre, a brilliant example of theater in the theater in which fiction and reality are mixed to the point of confusing the spectator. The sudden exchange of roles between critics, actors and characters undermines our certainties, the rules of common sense and theatrical canons. Continuous hilarious twists amuse and confuse. The cardinal points are inverted, stage and audience merge.
Rates: «Palco Emozioni» billboard (audience € 16, gallery € 12, reduced € 10) – Subscription to € 56 for 4 shows; mini amateur review «T’Amo»: fixed and single price 8 €. 21 € subscription for 3 shows. Ticket office – Throughout the month of November: Wednesday from 5 to 7 pm and Saturday morning from 10 to 12 – Foyer of the Pavarotti theater. From 1st to 6th November only for the purchase of season tickets. From 7 to 30 November pre-sale tickets for single shows. Ticket office open on the evening of each show from 8pm.

The Councilor for Culture Cristina Bruno is satisfied: «We have achieved another small goal. In addition to proposing a quality main program, with various and important shows, and a representation dedicated to children, we add an amateur mini-review, a sign of attention for a world that can be an important reference for our theater. I want to thank the municipal offices for their commitment and wish good fun to those who want to share with us that fascinating and engaging art that is theater ».

LEINI ‘- Stage and emotions: the new theater season opens with two reviews