Lillo and Greg’s “Comedy Show” arrives on Prime Video

fto laugh on a stage without scenography with the power of words alone (and some costumes). After all nothing is impossible for Lillo and Greg, which on their show now on Prime Videos – taken from the show Gamemen Upgrade – they succeed in the meager enterprise of making a mess with intelligence. Leveraging the paradox.

Lillo and Greg Comedy Showscomedy in line with the times

Directed by Cristiano D’Alisera (one who knows about variety, he was also behind it The biggest show after the weekend Of Fiorello), Lillo and Greg Comedy Show transports us to the world of gentle laughter. A politeness that is not synonymous with sloppiness, but with great wit.

Lillo and Greg, born Pasquale Petrolo and Claudio Gregori, are accustomed to that type of comedy that never goes out of fashion because it adapts to the times. The Show is a sequence of sketches on everyday life and today’s society in which the effort of construction is not felt. But where the reality the principle of surreality is highly cultured.

Casa Ferragnez: the gag of Posaman (Lillo) with Leone makes you die laughing

One sketch after another

From Fantastic 4-style superheroes – with Greg “bouncy man” and Lillo “sloth” – to parody tearjerker talk shows. To finally get to those who listeners of 610 (reads “You are a zero”) know well: What, have you seen it?, Normal man (who here meets with Amnesy) or The throne of the rings. One sketch after another, with the two comedians time seems to fly. Provided, however, that the theater is in your comfort zone. Not the coarse laughter of today’s comedians looking for immediate and often vulgar laughter, but the one that harks back to a recent past where the protagonists were Cochi and Renato or Vianello and Tognazzi. If you are one of those who appreciate nonsense humor, the 80 minutes of the show are a tonic against the wear and tear of boorish comedy.

“Lillo and Greg Comedy show”. (Courtesy Prime Video)

The guests

On stage, and in the dressing rooms that act as a cinematographic link between one sketch and another, where Lillo is the predestined victim of a disreputable guy annoyed by his parking space, Lillo and Greg are not alone.

Accompanying them are Vania Della Bidia, Marco Fiorini, Attilio Di Giovanni and Lallo Circosta, (the Wolfgang Amadeus Manolo of 610 that here is the dodgy type. The 4 associates are shoulders and co-protagonists with the two Roman comedians who have a sixth sense to surround themselves with experienced comedians and to scout for talent. Just remember that from 610 Virginia Raffaele, Valerio Lundini and Emanuela Fanelli have passed by, among others.

Lillo and Greg, who are they

Born in the registry office Pasquale Petrolo and Claudio Gregori, both Romans, are former comic cartoonists. Finding themselves unemployed due to the bankruptcy of the publishing house for which they worked, they recycle their material making it the basis for the demented rock of the complex Latte & its derivatives that they founded in the early 90s. Some of their characters are due to their experiences in the world of comics, Normal man over all.

On television they make their debut at Hyenasare then in the fixed cast of the cult The eighth dwarf with Serena Dandini and Corrado Guzzanti on Rai2, and many other satirical programs, from The Scafroglia case to Speak with me. They arrived in the theater in 1994 with 5740170 – 06 for those calling from outside Rome and they never let go.

Also Lillo and Greg Comedy Show is the television transposition of a theatrical show. At the cinema, after so many films in which they were directed by others, they landed as directors two years ago with DNA – Definitely not suitable. They replied this year, together with Eros Puglielli, with The idols of women. I have been on the radio since 2003 with 610a transmission in which many of the characters come to life who then also live outside the radio airplay.


Lillo and Greg’s “Comedy Show” arrives on Prime Video – iO Donna