Listen TV analysis November 18: “Tale e Quale” makes a bang with Antonino champion of the Tournament. Zalone second falling from the clouds. Nuzzi in front of Crozza

Viewers at the top: On Rai1 “I Soliti Ignoti” 4.997 million and 24.4%. Tg1 of 20.00 at 4.851 million and 25.44%. “Tale e quali Show Il Torneo” 4.780 million and 28.7%. “L’Eredità” 4.345 million and 25.9%.

With i World Cup of football of Qatar closer and closer, the tv evening of Friday 18 November it is destined to remain a sort of seasonal unicum. Rai1 has deployed The tournament from Such and Which Show (won Antoninus) and Canale 5 responded with yet another reply from I fall from the clouds, while Rai2 focused on the tennis match of Nitto Finals and Rai3 on the film The Thief of Days. Italia 1 broadcast the film Survivor- The Martianwhile the other main options were Fourth Degree on Rete4, Diego Bianchi And Live propaganda on La7 and Cross brothers on Nine. The ratings ranking in terms of number of viewers was as follows.

Listen in prime time. Carlo Conti wins hands down with the tournament of singing imitators, Zalone in reply does much less than half

On Rai1 the episode of Tournament from Such and Which Show, with Charles Conti to the management, the jury composed by Loretta Goggi, Giorgio Panariello, Cristiano Malgioglio and with Daniele Cirilli and Francesco Paolantoni as a wildcard (came first again Antoninus), received 4.780 million viewers and a 28.7% share. Carlo Conti had 4.454 million viewers with a 28.1% share with the final seven days ago, 4.252 million viewers and 24.7% with the sixth episode, 4.129 million viewers and 24.7% share with the fifth episode, 4.054 million viewers and 24.3% with the fourth, 3.635 million viewers with 22.2% share with the third episode, 3.6 million viewers with 22.6% share with the second episode and 3.385 million viewers and 21.1% share with the first episode.

On Channel 5 the film I fall from the cloudswith Checco Zalone star performer, achieved 2.037 million spectators with 11.5% (2.094 million spectators and 11.8% seven days earlier for Quo Vado?). In the late evening Canale 5 returned to the lead with the Maurizio Costanzo Show at 13.12%.

On Rete4 the new episode of Fourth Degreewith Gianluigi Nuzzi And Alessandra Viero to the host, it had 1.253 million viewers with an 8.3% share (1.068 million viewers and 7.3% seven days before). On Nove the ninth episode of Cross brotherswith Maurice Crozza star performer, produced 1.146 million and 5.8% (1.3 million viewers and 6.8% last week). On Italia1 the film The Martian with Matt Damonhad 914 thousand spectators and 5.3%.

On La7 the new episode of Live propagandawith Diego Bianchi to management, lo I explain from Francesca Schianchithe usual team in support of Zoro, achieved 830,000 spectators with 5.5% (747,000 spectators with 5.4% seven days earlier). On Rai3 the film The Thief of Dayswith Riccardo Scamarcio, convinced 778,000 spectators with 4%. On Rai2 the tennis match Rublev-Tsitsipas it had 399,000 viewers and a 2% share.

Emanuel Bruno

(the winner of Such and Which Show The Tournament)

Listen TV analysis November 18: “Tale e Quale” makes a bang with Antonino champion of the Tournament. Zalone second falling from the clouds. Nuzzi in front of Crozza – TvZoom