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The Prime Minister has made it clear: the municipalities will be dissolved next year. For the opposition political parties, it would be a “delaying tactic”.

“Lane prosenn ban minisipalite pou disoud. Statement by Pravind Jugnauth at Rose-Hill, Thursday 17 November. Thus putting an end to the rumors that the municipal would be held by the end of the year. If this move is variously commented on, the opposition parties see it as an admission of weakness.

“Li kone ki li pou gagn enn bate kondire”, launches the deputy leader of the MMM, Ajay Gunness. He recalls that it has been two years since the municipal elections were dismissed, after the government presented an amendment to the law to this effect. The president of the PTr, Patrick Assirvaden, speaks of a “pretext”. Especially since, he underlines, “there is nothing at the moment that prevents the government from organizing municipal elections”.

According to the law in force, the municipal elections can be held no later than June 30, 2023, said Dev Sunnasy, one of the leaders of Linion Pep Morisien (LPM). “But the government may amend the Local Government Act again. “What does it matter, within LPM, “we will continue our actions on the ground”.

For his part, Patrick Belcourt, leader of En Avant Moris, asks all elected municipal officials to resign. “They do not have the legitimacy to continue to sit. They must not become accomplices of the system, ”he insists. To criticize, in the process, the traditional parties which only “koz koze”, while his political party is already on the ground in order to raise awareness among city dwellers.

But the question remains: will there really be municipal elections? Political observer Jocelyn Chan Low commented: “It’s long overdue. But by next year, the government may come straight with the general election. He explains: “If the government loses even one ward in the municipal elections, it will be a sign of defeat. I do not believe that he will take the risk of giving the municipal elections. »

Same story on the side of Dharam Gokhool. “I think the government saw that it was not favorable. Thus, he intends to take a little more time to study the terrain. In any case, I don’t think he will take the risk of leaving in a municipal election, ”says the political observer. He is of the opinion that the municipal elections are “risky” for Pravind Jugnauth. “In case of defeat, it will have repercussions on several regions in the country. »

All of this makes Dharam Gokhool say that Pravind Jugnauth has the general election in mind. “I think he is preparing for the general elections, especially when we know that Suren Dayal will go to the Privy Council regarding the electoral petition at No. 8 (Moka – Quartier-Militaire). »

The political observer Faizal Jeerooburkhan evokes, for his part, an “absence of logic” in the Prime Minister’s remarks. “Will the government wait until June 2023 to hold the municipal elections or will there be a surprise? I have doubts. »

For him, the real problem is that too much power is concentrated in the hands of the prime minister.

Local authorities – Dissolution of municipalities in 2023: government procrastination irritates