Lomagna: the theater festival starts again with the center ‘La strada’

The program of the 22nd “Tutti in scena” exhibition organized by the cultural center “La Strada” of Lomagna is ready. The program will take place in the first part of 2023 and the subscription campaign will start on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 November (from 10.00 to 12.00) and will continue for the following weekends at the Sala della Comunità theater box office.

The proposal is varied with the aim of spending a few moments of healthy fun and reflection. There are dialect comedies on the calendar, a parody of the Promessi Sposi, a musical for children, the Lomagnese company “I Guitti”, a tribute to Lucio Dalla ten years after his death.

After three years of forced closure due to the pandemic, the first show will be offered on January 14th. The “Impara l’Arte” company from Monza will be in Lomagna with the brilliant comedy in dialect “Ul paradis di ciaparatt”, three acts to tell the hypocrisies of the bourgeoisie and in particular of a family from Brianza who moves to Milan to “get married” the daughter.

On 4 February it will be the turn of the Filodrammatica Company “Juventus Nova” of Belledo, which will also propose a dialect comedy in three acts entitled “Two dozen scarlet roses”. The story is set in Lecco.

On February 25, a leap into the past will take place, at the same time as the ninth edition of the Sanremo Festival, which the Brindellis also attend from their modest apartment, as for many Italian families. The atmosphere of San Remo will be the backdrop to the complicated and brilliant family events in the comedy “L’ace nella sleeve” by the Compagnia del Quadrifoglio of Arcore.

On March 18th the show of the Rocinante Teatro di Merate company will mock the work par excellence of Alessandro Manzoni with the show “I promessi crooked”, which follows the previous parodies after Shakespeare, the Bible, Cyrano and Othello.

The shows in review close on March 25 with “Pignasecca and Pignaverde” by the company “Attori per Caso” of Saronno. A comedy in dialect about a miserly businessman who would like to marry his daughter to a cousin so that the inheritance will always remain in the family. There will be no twists and turns.

The season ticket for the five shows in review costs 35 euros. Unused shows will not be refunded. The single ticket is worth 8 euros. The organizers have decided to keep the subscription price unchanged compared to the last editions.

Three other shows are planned out of the series. The first, expected for January 28, is the musical story “How deep is Lucio”, with Carlo Pastori (accordion, piano and voice), Walter Muto (guitars and voice) and Carlo Lazzaroni (violin). The appointment will be anticipated at 19.30 by an aperitif. All for 15 euros.

Aimed at children is the musical “Cult” by the company of the San Carlo oratory of San Giuliano Milanese, in the theater in Lomagna on 12 February. The show, taken from the film “A night at the museum” will be in the afternoon, at 3.30 pm, and will cost 4 euros for children and 6 euros for adults.

In the pipeline there is also “Do surei de spusà e ul pharmacist al sa mia se fa” by the Lomagna company “I Guitti” which will be staged twice, but the dates have yet to be defined. It is the story of an elderly but lively lady who will think about how best to help her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

For more information and reservations, contact Irio Tiezzi (on 349 696 4071 or by e-mail at irio.tiezzi@gmail.com) or write to the e-mail address roberta.riva9@gmail.com

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Lomagna: the theater festival starts again with the center ‘La strada’