Machos alfa: actors you know try personal development on Netflix

Machos alfa is the comedy series that revisits our society on Netflix Indeed, it tackles with a good dose of laughter, the changes that surround us by focusing on a group of men who make a radical decision: to no longer be machos.

Machos alfa: the men’s style personal development that brings together actors you know on Netflix

However, a question arises: are they really?

Machos alfa is Spanish fiction that humorously deals with changes in contemporary society and how it has impacted people. It is an original creation by Laura and Alberto Caballero who are behind successful series such as Aquí no hay quien viva, The que se conjoined or the pueblo.

Macho alfa, when women make their partners lose their minds.

Machos alfa is a fiction in sitcom format, that is to say 10 episodes of 30 minutes which relies on a choral cast bringing together characters from different fields but who find themselves around a theme: machismo, well almost…

Synopsis: The hours of the patriarchy are numbered. In the midst of a crisis of masculinity, four friends in their forties see their privileges, their dominant position and their identity vanish. A few years ago, they would have been triumphant males in control of their sentimental, personal and professional lives. Now forced to deal with the egalitarian rules in force in society, they take full measure of their unsuitability.

The synopsis does not do justice to this series which rather revisits with humor and exaggeration the evolution of our society. Four men overwhelmed by their daily lives face four women they have trouble understanding. They feel like they are losing control of their lives because of their difficulty understanding the world around them.

A choral series that brings together all of contemporary society:

Machos alfa focuses on different characters which allows it to be a choral series.

Luis and Raquel Guerrero are married and have two children. They seem to lead a quiet little life except that their sex life is at a standstill which causes tension. They decide to spice up their for the best and especially for laughter. On this subject, Fele Martinez that you have surely discovered in the series Grand Hotel returned to the series and the potential criticism it can cause because of its theme.

I think Machos alfa is a series that the public will identify with. I would say that you are going to be ashamed to like him to see to recognize you. If you are in a relationship, you will laugh at your partner and your partner will laugh at you. It is a series which is from this point of view very democratic even if the men lose a little (Laughs).

Fele Martinez Cinemascomics

Daniela (María Hervás) and Pedro (Fernando Gil) form a bling bling couple. He is a producer who works for a television channel and she is a former flight attendant turned wellness influencer. When he loses his job in favor of a woman, their dream life is likely to fly away causing turmoil and questioning. This duo that parodies the overexposure of social networks and shows how roles are reversed in their relationships.

“I often submit to judgment because I continue to find a certain toxic masculinity in myself, even as a young woman and when I consider myself to be a progressive person. It’s the way we were brought up but it will pass. And what better way to do that than with a sense of humor? It is very interesting to laugh at who we all are, what happens to us and the needs in which we see ourselves as a society. I think Machos alpha is designed for that, so we can laugh while we do the deconstruction work.

María Hervás at the site

Luz (Kira Miró) and Raúl Tejón (Raul) are a free couple, well they were until she wanted to become one officially. Following this announcement, he who kept cheating on her can no longer do it.

Santi Gorka Otxoa) has been separated from his wife for years and despite this, the latter does not miss an opportunity to ruin his life. Her anger is reinforced when their daughter decides to go live with her father. The teenager makes every effort to help his father find a new companion. As a reminder, you discovered Gorka Otxoa in velvet as well as in Paraíso.

Machos alfa therefore focuses on these 4 men who have to manage and who will go so far as to follow a demasculization course offered by a coach interpreted by Santi Millán. fans ofa very back will also recognize Silvia Marty who appears in several episodes.

Editorial review:

Machos alfa is a series that is in tune with the times and accentuates the problems that we all know at one time or another. On this point, Fele Martinez was right, we recognize each other and maybe some will find it difficult to accept it, but tell yourself that you are not alone. Fiction makes us see life differently by analyzing the excesses of an overly connected society, seeing who tends to find problems where there are none. Are these machos really? Equality or dominance?

This Netflix original series addresses different topics that reinforce the patriarchal struggle, such as the glass ceiling in high positions or open relationships which are represented here without demonization and through a woman who is confident in her ideas and who makes this decision by thinking of itself.

It’s one more example of success when it comes to representing women in the series, since they are empowered, they know what they want. However, ‘Machos Alfa’ does not seek to demonize the man either. Indeed, these four male figures are lost, understanding and devoted to their companions.

Laughs are on the agenda and, as Fernando Gil says, “The best way to open a debate is with humour”. Therefore, Machos alfa is a series that under a light appearance opens a real debate on the world around us. She is not there to judge or to point out the problems but on the contrary to play down the drama.

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