“Mascherata Estense: masks, games, wine and dance” on 21 September at the Cortile del Leccio in Modena

Ensemble Dramatodia

MODENA – Wednesday 21 September, at the Cortile del Leccio in Modena, at 9.00 pm, Grandezze & Meraviglie presents: “Mascherata Estense: masks, games, wine and dance in the music of Orazio Vecchi”, concert in costume with the singing and acting company Dramatodìa and the instrumental ensemble I Musicali Affetti. The direction is entrusted to the multifaceted Alberto Allegrezza. The show includes, for the first time in modern times, five “masquerades” that could be admired between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, during the period of Carnival, between Modena, Bologna and the nearby cities: “The Masquerade by Balie, over Nutrici, the Neapolitan Masquerade, the Masquerade of Graduate Poets, the Masquerade of Ortolani and the Masquerade of Astrologers“. Thus the tradition of Carnival is recalled, an occasion during which the entire population could participate in parties, games and masquerades, thus escaping from a society strictly regulated by social conditions and religious education. What unites all the masquerades, regardless of their type, are the paradox, the joke, the hyperbole, the incitement to joy, to food, to pleasure, as well as the obscene double meaning, which translate into carnival texts and forms musical such as the song, the villanella and the ballets.

The pieces of the Modenese composer Orazio Vecchi they are accompanied by texts of the Persicetan Giulio Cesare Croce. Orazio Vecchi offers a rich repertoire of love songs, dances, erotic and masked double meanings, and similar, for formal and expressive choices, to immediate and popular realism, to caricature and parody. Giulio Cesare Croce, author of numerous works dedicated to Carnival, on the other hand, stands out for his poetic and literal ingenuity and for his inexhaustible mastery and inventiveness. During the concert, the public will be able to listen to some excerpts from the printed collection entitled “Very pleasant masquerades of Julius Caesar from the Cross“.

Alberto Allegrezza, founder of the Dramatodìa ensemble, is a singer, instrumentalist, director and actor, a scholar of the gesture codified in the theater of the late Renaissance and early Baroque. He has collaborated with numerous groups and participated in events of international importance, such as theInnsbrucker Festwochen der Alten Musik; he has also recorded for Arts, Dynamic, Glossa, Naxos, Sony and Tactus labels.

The ensemble Dramatodìa stages the theatrical repertoire of the comedians of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, thanks to a careful study of the late Renaissance representation methods and the creation of costumes inspired by the style of the time. Among the shows made by the company, they remember Fat Thursday party before dinner by Adriano Banchieri e Different languages with music by Orazio Vecchi. In 2022 the album was released for Tactus Feast of Fat Thursday, 1608 in collaboration with Enrico Bonavera, Arlecchino of the Piccolo Teatro of Milan.

THE Musical Affections are headed by Fabio Missaggiafirst violin and director of the company, whose main interest is directed to the vocal-instrumental repertoire of the seventeenth-eighteenth century.


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Dramatodìa Company

Francesca Santi, Maria Dalia Albertini, sopranos and acting

Alberto Allegrezza, Riccardo Pisani, tenors and acting

Niccolò Roda, baritone and acting

Guglielmo Buonsanti, bass and acting

The Musical Affections

Fabio Missaggia, violin in concert

Matteo Zanatto, violin

Agnieszka Oszanca, cello

Fabiano Merlante, archlute and baroque guitar

Alessandro Parise, percussion



HORATIO VECCHI (1550-1605)

Let us all hurry to enjoyCanzonetta for 6 voices

SOLOMON ROSSI (1570-1630)

Sixth Sonata above Tordiglione’s Aria

Masquerade of pants

Semo three old men in loveGiustiniana for 3 voices


Dialogue between an ambassador of love and the servant of a courtesan

  1. OLD

And vorave saverGiustiniana for 3 voices

Tich-toch Zannidialogue to 5

  1. RED

Seventh Sonata above the Aria of a Ballet

Masquerade of nurses

  1. C. CROSS

Masquerade III. Nurses looking for babies to feed

  1. OLD

We try to breastfeed, masquerade of Nurses over Nutrici 3 *


  1. OLD

Amor is fire and icedialogue at 7

Masquerade of Astrologers

  1. OLD

We are astrologersmasquerade of 6 * astrologers

Masquerade of Graduate Poets

  1. OLD

The ones you lovemasquerade of 5 * graduate poets

  1. RED

Sonata Eleven known as The Box

  1. OLD

Tiridolaserenade for 6 voices

Masquerade of Ortolani, Bifolci and Shepherds

  1. C. CROSS

Masquerade II. Ortolane that bring salads, fruits and flowers of all kinds

  1. OLD

A women’s saladOrtolani masquerade for 6 voices *

Under a shady beech treesong for 4 voices

O beautiful Springpastoreccio madrigal for 4 voices

You know you crooksvilla for 6 voices

  1. C. CROSS

Pleasant sestines above Love, Madonna, etc.


Air above the Bergamo area

Masquerade of Neapolitans

  1. OLD

We are all noblemasquerade of Neapolitans at 4 *

Come or Deathdialogue at 8

Toast and dancing

  1. OLD

Ie vue le cerfe / Here is good Bacchus Mostrav’in ciel We don’t want to sing anymoreMoorish slaves at 4


  1. OLD

I know well that he has a good timesong to 4

* lost parts rebuilt by Michele Vannelli

Greatness & Wonders

25th Estense Music Festival 2022

artistic direction Enrico Bellei

Via Ganaceto 40b – 41121 Modena – (Registered office via Baraldi, 47 – 41124 Modena)

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Wednesday 21 September, 9.00 pm – out of subscription

MODENA, Courtyard of the Holm oak



Ensemble Dramatodìa & I Musicali Affetti

Fabio Missaggia direction

Alberto Allegrezza direction and costumes

“Mascherata Estense: masks, games, wine and dance” on 21 September at the Cortile del Leccio in Modena