“Mask Singer”: our predictions on the complete cast of season 4

IN IMAGES, IN PICTURES – Eight personalities are yet to be unmasked in the program hosted by Camille Combal. Le Figaro played and investigated on his side.

Season 4 of “Mask Singer” continues every Tuesday evening on TF1 with a total of twelve personalities to discover. Four of them have already been unmasked: Marianne James, hidden behind the character of the Baby, Frédéric Diefenthal under the Gingerbread, Marion Bartoli as a Koala and, finally, Yoann Riou who played the Genie. There remain eight costumes and, consequently, eight celebrities to find for the four investigators of the program, without forgetting two international stars who have not yet appeared on the stage of the show hosted by Camille Combal.

The drafting of Figaro had fun investigating the identity of the remaining personalities to be found, here are our predictions.

The Dalmatian

The Dalmatian in “Mask Singer” CHRISTOPHE CHEVALIN / TF1

Clues: “JI’m not the type to obey wisely and go crazy, I’m a party and stage Dalmatianhe says into the tape recorder before the words “piano”, “tours”, “mythical scenes”, “hits”, “Vitamin C” appear. “An SOS helped me“, he still assures, specifying moreover that his main activity is not limited to singing.

Jury suggestions: Booder (Chantal Ladesou), Afida Turner (Vitaa), Christelle Chollet (Jeff Panacloc)

Our prediction: Christine Chollet who is a comedian and singer. The concept of his shows is to parody hits of French song. The very energetic performer has already performed at the Olympia.

The Elephant

The Elephant in “Mask Singer” CHRISTOPHE CHEVALIN / TF1

Clues: it is on a hammock between two palm trees that the Elephant, dressed in a fireman’s outfit, gives his clues in his portrait. “It’s always very cool to know that you are millions to like what I do, I no longer touch the ground like Thomas Pesquethe says. It gives us another point in common as with Kev Adams by the way“, he adds before wondering. “Who would have thought that the networks would have changed the game me who am anything but a geek?“. A phone surmounted by a halo of light, a favorite accessory of influencers, appears in the image. “It seems that I even broke records“, he continues.

Jury suggestions: Keen’V (Vitaa and Kev Adams), Amir (Jeff Panacloc)

Our prediction: Keen’V whose sounds are inspired by the islands. After high school, he was a volunteer firefighter. Very active on Tiktok today, he has the same first name, Kevin, as Kev Adams. It has finally been at the heart of several controversies in recent years.

The Pharaoh

The Pharaoh in “Mask Singer” CHRISTOPHE CHEVALIN / TF1

Clues: “What has always thrilled me is not ancient Egypt but sport“, he tells us in his portrait before seeing him running after a ball. “I remember France-Brazil when I was a kid, the first goal for France, I screamed, it was just crazy! (…) I even wrote a book on the subject“, he remembers before evoking the women and the authors to whom he would also have”gave his words“. We then insist on the words “comedy”, “tragedy” and “game”. “I always have as much pleasure to be a spectator, usually it’s the oppositehe finally said.

Suggestions from the jury: Guy Roux, Marc Lévy, Guillaume Musso (Chantal Ladesou), Francis Huster (Vitaa, Chantal Ladesou, Jeff Panacloc and Kev Adams)

Our prediction: the actor Francis Huster , a football and PSG fan, who certainly thrilled in front of France-Brazil in June 1958, a World Cup semi-final match. During this meeting, the Frenchman Just Fontaine had scored. He is of course an author and an actor used to the boards, who can play comedy as well as drama.

The mouse

The Mouse in “Mask Singer” CHRISTOPHE CHEVALIN / TF1

Clues: “The little rats I knowshe says in a cabaret setting before a man appears with glasses with blue eyes. ““Mask Singer is not my first musical experience, I have already sung professionally and I was not alone“, she confides in front of the portrait of Raymond and Huguette de Scenes of households. A podium where she poses on the third step then appears. Finally, she emphasizes that she has already taken up the pen.

Suggestions from the jury: Michèle Laroque (Jeff Panacloc), Julie Ferrier (Chantal Ladesou), Lorie (Vitaa), Sofia Essaïdi and Claire Keim (Kev Adams).

Our prediction: Laetitia Milotdiscovered in Plus Belle la vie, a competing soap opera Scenes of households, starred in Clear-Eyed Revenge on TF1. She participated in “Dancing with the stars”, a program at the end of which she came third. She finally sang in duet with Vincent Niclo and wrote several books including one on the endometriosis from which she suffers.

The monkey

The Monkey in “Mask Singer” CHRISTOPHE CHEVALIN / TF1

Clues: in a circus setting, the viewer sees figurines representing farm animals appear. “I could have chosen the costume of a dinosaur”then said the Monkey. “When I look at my journey, I tell myself that I was among the first. I was in the infancy of something that was going to become huge, it does not get any younger to say that”, he continues, referring to videos viewed 122 million times. “Who would have thought that a little monkey would end up in the same place as Catherine Deneuve, Isabelle Adjani and Vincent Cassel?“, he questions while showing the front pages of magazines. When the investigators question him on set after recognizing his voice, he admits that we can meet him in Corsica “like many people“.

Jury suggestions: Alizée (Vitaa, Kev Adams and Jeff Panacloc), Jenifer (Chantal Ladesou)

Our prediction: Alizeeprotected by Mylène Farmer, who began her career in the early 2000s. Thanks to her hit Me Lolita…, she was very quickly propelled to the rank of star. His songs have crossed borders, hence the impressive number of views of his clips, which number in the millions.

The bride

The Bride in “Mask Singer” CHRISTOPHE CHEVALIN / TF1

Clues: “I’m not the bride, I’m the bride“, she says before we dwell on alliances and the dates 2010-2016. “The bride, a flower among the thorns… I know what it’s like to be the one to make it in the club“, she slips. “I chose my path, not the most obvious for a woman“, she adds. In the images that follow one another, we spot a star, two mojitos and the decor of a kitchen.

Jury suggestions: Laure Boulleau (Kev Adams and Vitaa), Victoria Abril (Chantal Ladesou), Mercotte (Jeff Panacloc)

Our prediction: Estelle Mosselyformer boxing championwho won an Olympic title in 2016 after joining the French team in 2010. She participated in the celebrity version of the “Best Pastry Chef”.

The turtle

The Turtle in “Mask Singer” CHRISTOPHE CHEVALIN – TF1

Clues: “Aloha“, he says at the outset.We’re gonna go crescendo, I’m just a turtle“. Two numbers stand out from his portrait: the 76 on the speedometer of a car as well as the number 8.I am self-taughtcan we hear from the mouth of the person concerned. Between my crush for my discipline and my beginnings, I had to wait a few years. I did well, results: immediately a reward“. And to clarify, do “never lose the North”I am a traveling turtle“. Investigators will then be intrigued by a map where Japan, Canada and South Africa are mentioned.

Jury suggestions: Anthony Kavanagh (unanimously)

Our prediction: the tenor Amaury Vassily, born June 8, 1989 in Rouen (Seine-Maritime -76). He found success in 2009 with his double-platinum debut album. An opus also released in Japan, Canada and South Africa.


The Knight in “Mask Singer” CHRISTOPHE CHEVALIN – TF1

Clues: both a daredevil climbing on the walls and a blunderer stumbling into the tape recorder, he presents himself as a regular at shows. “Finding myself on stage in front of a crazy audience will bring back memories. The knight on tour was something. The zeniths, the big rooms, the big cities, we took advantage of it“, he recalls, specifying that he was not alone. As sequined gloves are stretched on a clothesline, he says he had the “ chance to be on stage with legendary artists, to go to the studio, to see your face in record stores“. “I’m more Saturday night fever rather than languorous slow. There was even a doc on me“, he concludes.

Suggestions from the jury: Brahim Zaibat (Vitaa), Laspalès (Chantal Ladesou), Pascal Légitimus (Jeff Panacloc), Vincent Lagaf’ (Kev Adams)

Our prediction: the emblematic candidate of “Koh-Lanta” Laurent Maistret who, winning season 7 of “Dancing with the stars”, had toured France with the show’s teams. He is also a fan of Michael Jackson, reference to the sequined gloves. On television, he took part in the TF1 “Ninja Warrior” obstacle contest.

Recycling “Dancing with the Stars”

If this casting is validated, it is clear that the production of “Mask Singer” made extensive use of the address book of the show “Dancing with the stars” by inviting many former personalities from the dance competition : Alizée, Laurent Maistret, Keen’V and Laëtitia Milot. A program similar to that of previous seasons with the presence of Frank Lebœuf, Joyce Jonathan and Lio in season 1, Karine Ferri, Basile Boli, Liane Foly, Djibril Cissé, Valérie Damidot in season 2, Valérie Bègue, Laurent Ournac and Sylvie Tellier for season 3. All had previously participated in the program that is nicknamed “DALS”.

As for Francis Huster and Frédéric Diefenthal, TF1 did not go looking for them very far since they are part of the cast ofHere it all startsthe daily soap opera on the front page, a spin-off from tomorrow belongs to us.

“Mask Singer”: our predictions on the complete cast of season 4